Without Sphinn, I would never have come across some of the blogs I've enjoyed lately. I don't know how "new" these blogs are, but they are new to me, so I'm calling them "new". (Note that it is also possible that I'd seen them previously, but have forgotten. My memory is like that...full of holes).

Sebastian's Pamphlets. Of course, Sebastian isn't new, but I didn't know about the blog until Sphinn came around. Good stuff.

AimClear. More good stuff from a blog I didn't know existed.

PPCThink. There aren't enough PPC blogs out there. This one is good and I wouldn't have known about it without Sphinn.

There are lots more that I've discovered via Sphinn (some not so good), but those three stand out for me. Reminiscent of Elaine's term, "sponge-worthy", I'm deeming these three to be "feed-worthy". In other words, subscribe to their feeds.

After you've done that, make your own list of 3 new feed-worthy SEO blogs that you've found from Sphinn and let us know about them.