Lead nurturing builds relationships and educates leads to increase leads trust in you and in your expertise more, and makes the sales process easier. Not all SEO businesses recognize the value of lead nurturing, and this puts them at a serious disadvantage. Here are a 5 lead gen tips for local SEO services sales.

1. Aim for a Specific Objective

When you set out to create a lead nurturing campaign, you have to know what you are really trying to accomplish. Explore the benefits that you hope to gain from your lead nurturing program, and go much deeper than I want to attract more business.

Consider whether you want your local business lead nurturing program to attract repeat customers for your SEO services, close new clients that have never bought SEO services before, or attract local businesses that currently get their SEO services form another provider.

Knowing what your specific objectives are will help you stay on task when you develop your lead nurturing program. Defining these objectives will also help you determine whether your program is meeting those goals.

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2. Keep in Contact with an Interesting Newsletter

Creating a newsletter gives your leads the opportunity to keep up with what you are doing and to educate them. This includes any tips that you might have for them and any specials that your business can offer.

Note: The goals to educate and present info on your own business are intermediate to the final goals of closing more business. Once youve set your strategic goals (e.g. take business from other SEO providers) youll want to break things down with more specific objectives regarding education and soft-selling.

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3. Start with Small Nurturing Programs And Develop Them Over Time

One of the biggest mistakes that SEO businesses make is implementing an aggressive lead nurturing program that tries to do too much too quickly. You dont want to overwhelm leads " thats a one way ticket to the junk folder when your name appears in the From: line.

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4. Offer Information Instead of Hard Sales

Try to keep your content informative and think about the types of information that your potential clients will want to read. This shows that you are an expert in your field and also makes clients feel more receptive to new ideas.

Selling constantly feels pushy and does the opposite of nurturing leads " it alienates them. Its like pushing your services on Twitter " keep most tweets non-sales oriented. Marty Weintraub told me at SMX West that he limits self promotional tweets to 1 out of every 25 tweets. Other pros have told me 1 in 10 The idea is just to keep it on the backburner.

5. Target Your Local Business Leads

Make your local business leads feel that they are important to you; they will reciprocate and you will become more important to them. Customize the information that you send each local business lead to show them that your SEO company cares.

Depending on the types of local businesses that you are trying to attract, you might segment your leads into categories by industry, location, and other attributes.

If some of the potential customers serve a specific client base, then customize your efforts to attract their business by showing them that you also understand their target demographics.

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