5 SEO Tools You Might Be Missing from Your Aresenal

There are so many SEO tools out there with more and more releasing and existent ones coming out with new features frequently. It's hard to keep up with all of them, test them out, and find a good fit for you. While the majority of SEO Tools are a dime a dozen there are some people prefer more than others whether it's for the graphical user interface, usability, and/or speed of the tool. I'd like to introduce you to a few of these tools that may streamline your optimization process.

  1. ExactFactor
    ExactFactor is an search engine optimization campaign tracking tool to add to your SEO tools collection. They provide a free utility to track your search engine result positioning without having to check your position all the time.While a tool to automate that process is nice, they’re a dime a dozen. This tool is a bit different because not only do they track your site but they track your competitors and send you email alerts when you’ve moved up/down or a competitor has moved up/down.

    Email alerts are very handy because you can get instant notification of SERP fluctuation that you can be aware of. Have you ever had an SEO client calling you complaining of a search result fluctuation you haven’t notice because you haven’t checked it in a couple days? I know I have, it’s nice to be able to know what the situation is before the client calls.

    Below is a screen shot of inside ExactFactor’s easy to use interface. It’s not hard to figure out and very intuitive. You can’t complain when it’s free.

    ExactFactor SEO Tool

  2. LotusJump
    LotusJump is a link building tool that can be used by SEO firms or Webmasters interested in do-it-yourself link building for their site. The tool makes suggestions of four different types of tasks it recommends you should do. It does this by scouring your competitor's backlink profiles based off your site and the keyphrases you are optimizing for. The four different groups of tasks are:

    • Buzz - Tasks where you are referred to possible places to mention your brand/site for buzz based on keyword mentions.
    • Content Generation - Tasks where you are referred to relevant site to add content on with embedded links back to your site.
    • Competitive Analysis - Tasks where you are referred to common link hubs of your competitors to obtain links from.
    • Directory Submission - Tasks where you are referred to relevant directories to submit your site to for links.

    I find LotusJump to be a good link building training tool. After using it for awhile a newbie starts to get the idea of what to look for when building links. This tool can be best used by SEO agencies training new link builders that they hired out of college for low wages in my opinion. Check out the demo video below:

  3. X-Browser SEO Tool
    X-Browser SEO Tool is a bookmarklet by Search & Social that can be utilized in either Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera on Windows and OS X to find information vital to search engine optimization. The bookmarklet never needs to be updated since the tool is changed on our end. Just add the bookmarklet to your bookmark's toolbar, and begin to audit the web.Drag this link to your bookmark bar and then launch it on any Webpage including Google search result pages.
    X-Browser SEO Tools

    See video demo below:

  4. RankSense
    RankSense is an SEO productivity tool designed for a wide-ranged audience of Internet marketers, developers, and bloggers. It guides you through several optimization, reporting, and management categories including:

    • Search Engine Friendliness
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Scheduled Tasks
    • Market Research
    • Off-Page Optimization
    • Reports

    While SEO can never fully be automated, the software’s true intelligence is in its ability to act as your personal search engine optimizer:

    • Intuitive, wizard-driven interface that speeds up search engine optimization while concealing the underlying technical complexity involved.
    • Two modes of operation to match any user, including a smart mode for new users and classic mode for advanced users.
    • Automatic Updates that keeps your software updated on new search engine trends.
    • Say it once, remembered always —provide data in one task and RankSense will generate results using that information in all subsequent tasks. Your work is saved automatically and your session restored each time RankSense launches.


  5. Raven SEO Tools
    Raven is an SEO tool that has many cool features including:

    • Research and Analysis - You can analyze content and research keywords with an aggregation of tools such as SEODigger, Wordtracker, AdWords Research tool.
    • Campaign Management and Link Building
    • Content Management and Analysis - Content manager allows you to upload and store content you use for syndication which you can export in an XML feed. Included is a web-based blog manager tool as well.
    • SERP Keyword Tracking - Your discovered keywords from your analysis can be tracked with the SERP tracker and recorded for your SEO campaigns.
    • Analytics and SEO ROI Reports - Allows you view cached version of search engine result pages and track typical analytic data that can tie into your site's conversions.
    • Private Label Custom Reports - You can white label SEO reports and personally brand them for your clients if you work in an agency environment.

    One of the coolest things is not only can you do all this in the backend admin panel but you can do it through your very own toolbar! It makes automation very handy. I definitely recommend checking them out. See the video demo below:

Bonus: SEJ Tools - A great addition to your SEO Tools arsenal!

Full Disclaimer: I registered for three affiliate partnerships with RankSense, LotusJump, and Raven SEO Tools prior to this post because I might as well if I'm going to write about them.

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