Credit: Gwaar

Oh gee, even more social media? I'm getting sick of it you say. Vote this, Sphinn that, Digg this please...If you're feeling wary of Social Media early on in the new year, it might be time for you to redefine your view of social media marketing. The following are some of my top 10 tips to view and participate in Social Media in a completely different light in 2008

  1. Be Organic - No, I'm not referring to organic search. Social Media is growing up in 2008 and as networks keep evolving so must its users. In the true spirit of the organic and dynamic community you participate in, get to know the real people behind the branded avatars. One of my first actions in 2008 was to thank those who have promoted my content on networks such as Sphinn by sending them a quick message and then connecting with them 1 on 1 via instant messenger. As a result, I've found something much more valuable than votes - I've found tangible relationships with people that share similar passions to mine.
  2. Donate Generously - Yes, don't be afraid to promote someone else's content! Everyone works hard to share only the best with the rest of the world and as a fellow social media user it is your very duty to help bring visibility to quality content.
  3. Observe the Rule of 3 - Let's play fair now folks, treat your fellow user with as much respect you'd give to any friend or colleague that you know in person. Besides generating goodwill amongst your fellow community members, you can give yourself a pat on the back for being an ambassador and enforcer of all that is good in your community.
  4. Get to Know More Neighbourhoods - You love hitting home runs on Sphinn, and jump for joy when your server crashes from that rush of traffic from Digg. Remember that at one point these communities were new to you, and that getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing. I'm personally going to get more involved in Youtube this year 🙂
  5. Drop The Marketing - As I get more and more involved in evolving social media communities, I realize that my primary focus is shifting to building, supporting, and welcoming new members to the community rather than promoting, advertising and bartering votes for traffic. At the end of the day, I am building trust which will achieve my marketing goals a byproduct of creating and sharing quality content and the engaged interaction I have with fellow community members.