How AI-Powered Platforms Find Real, Relevant Traffic For Your Online Ads


Feeling lost! Ain’t you?

After all, you have marshalled your mind, money, and matter into creating those stupendous online ad campaigns, only to cold-shouldered by dismissive conversion rates.

So, where did things actually go wrong? Why are your online ad campaigns not converting, though things seem incredibly fine on the ad impression front?

It’s simply because your ads are being run over by bots camouflaging as humans. And those amazing ad impressions are not real but fake, leading to low or negligible conversion rates for your ads.

Welcome to the world of Online Advertising, where bot armies are bankrupting the term “online advertising.”


According to, digital advertising is estimated to incur losses to the tune of 19 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, thanks to the staggering amount of fraudulent, non-human traffic (NHT) attacking your ads.


And, according to major advertising sites, fake ad publishing sites such as and are the main culprits who are helping build the fake ad fiefdom, in a colossal way. These sites, though invisible to the human eye, drive bot armies in trainloads, thanks to the overactive bots flooding these sites.

The marketers, so far, have failed to pin down fake sites and the fake traffic these sites generate mainly because of three reasons:

  1. Ad campaign reports don't reveal the platforms where the ads are actually being run.
  2. Sites such as smartly cover up their tracks and hoodwink marketers, pretending to be one of the leading sites such as ESPN, or
  3. The traffic these fraudulent sites buy has been vouched safe by the fraud filters and mostly gets marked as not NHT.

So, the question now is:

Is there a way to put an end to these ad frauds and make sure that the traffic generated from your ads are genuine and not fake?

And that, genuine customers, are genuinely interested in your product or service and not just random visitors passing furtive glances at your product?

Enter Automated Audience Networking Platforms

The power of Automated Audience Networking Platforms lies in the fact that it targets real humans, understands them inside-out, before activating the ad campaigns. Not to mention, the platforms target only those humans who are really (I repeat, really) interested in your product.


Say, for instance, is an AI-powered audience networking platform that specializes in social media audience targeting. According to developers, the platform is identical to living, breathing engineers and analysts who’d guide you to build automatic audience base, on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, by classifying data in 33,000 ways.


This way, the platform enables building a real-time database of interested people who are most likely to buy your product.

No spray and pray strategy is utilized here. This ensures higher conversions, revenue, and ROI for your digital ad campaigns.

Here I walk you through 5 reasons on why business should tap into AI-powered audience targeting platforms.

#1. To build real, relevant audience base comprising people who are most likely to buy your product

Be it a brand new or established businesses, finding relevant audiences for your product is not an easy job. However, with AI-Powered Audience Networking Platforms, it becomes easier to target relevant audiences.

The ads developed, when running on AI-enabled Audience Networking platforms, reaches and convinces the right people, at the right time of the day, to spend on your product or experience.

In fact, top companies like Microsoft and Marketo are setting up private audience networking AI to be run on their respective platforms to help clients target better.

Microsoft Audience Network, which is been built on Bing platform, will be allowing its advertisers to target relevant users across websites like MSN,, and the Edge browser.


Marketo AudienceAI, designed exclusively for its Marketo Engagement Platform, expands marketer’s campaign reach by connecting with people who are similar to the ones who have already converted (looklike audiences), based on their behaviors and patterns.

This kind of relevant audience targeting ensures higher conversions and ROI, and that too not at the expense of buyer’s experience.

#2. Run Multi-channel Campaigns Parallel-y

As it turns out, multi-channel marketing allows customers to connect with you on those channels that seem convenient to them. It could be email, mobile, website or social media. However, the fact is, multi-channel campaigns are marred by discrepancies, in the form of disjointed campaigns, irrelevant messages, irrelevant audience targeting and so much more. So, it’s important to do it correctly.

Here’s when Audience Networking AI such as could be leveraged by marketers to perfectly choreograph their campaigns, across all channels, leveraging the advanced technique of relevant audience targeting.

The AI ensures uniformity in messaging across several channels.

#3. Fusing Data of Multiple Sources for Better Results

In social advertising, it has been found that the data of one source could prove to be far more fruitful in terms of conversions versus data of another source. For example, relevant data fetched from LinkedIn could be far more effective in driving conversions for your recruitment ads versus the data extracted from Facebook.

So, what an Audience Networking AI could do for you is to fuse data from multiple sources to drive best results rather than just drive better results by running ads, using a single source of data.
#4. No Re-inventing the (Success) Wheel Every Time

In the earlier days, marketers based their future ad campaigns based on the experiences of previous ad campaigns. They sat back and analyzed what worked versus what didn’t and then accordingly designed their future ad campaigns.

No more.

Thanks to the in-built learning process of AI-enabled audience networking platforms, it’s easier to script successive advertising success stories, these days.

#5. Revise Data on the Fly

The AI-driven platform enables us to revise our audience choice, time and again, so as to ensure it’s in keeping with your evolving brand requirements. More importantly, you could see updated results in real-time.

Wrapping Up

No matter what strategies you apply, only through the intervention of AI-powered technologies, businesses could out-think and out-execute bots to reach the right audience, with the right message, and that too at the right time.

So is your business ready for AI-driven bots for audience networking?

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