And the Oscar Goes To…. 2010’s Best Facebook Pages

Its been a heck of a year for Facebook.

They started with 350 million users. By March they passed Google for weekly share of visits. By June they passed the 500 million user mark. Zuckerberg gets named Man of the Year last week and to top it all off theyre the odds-on favourite to win the Best Picture Oscar.

Facebook Oscar Win

So I thought it only appropriate to wrap up the year by nominating my favourite Facebook pages for best of 2010.

Best Performance by an Equestrian.

Horse Dentist Dr. Geoff Tucker showed us the power of Facebook in connecting smaller businesses with their customers on a more personal level. He generated over 100 leads and now has over 4,000 friends.

Equestrian Facebook Page

Best Performance in a Redeeming Role

Now granted its ice cream but Cold Stone Creamerys Facebook coupons enjoyed a 14% redemption vs. .02% with their traditional off-line method of distribution at a cost per redemption of 39 cents vs. $3.60. Sweet.

ColdStone Bakery Facebook Page

Best Short Subject

Mocks is a sock for your iPod and theyre a great example to keep around when you wanted to be inspired to create more engagement. CEO Lara Solomon says she uses social media to engage customers in the old sense of the word. This then means that they buy more and tell their friends. It must be working. Theyve doubled online sales and have over 16,000 fans.

Facebook Engagement Page Example

Best Supported Actresses

Victorias Secret Facebook Posts Examples

To be successful in social media you have to tap into the passion of the business and Victorias Secret has transferred the sexy sell that works for them so well offline onto their Facebook page weaving in star power, trivia, special events and calendar relevance to keep their customers engaged.

Best Foreign Language Performance

Ronaldo Facebook Page

70% of Facebook fans are outside of the U.S. and when it comes to worldwide celebrity engagement few do it better than Cristiano Ronaldo. He regularly places in the top 30 pages with over 16 million followers and he creates great like spikes by not being all me-me-me.

In Memoriam Honour Roll

Michael Jacksons Facebook page picked up 335,061 new fans last week.

And My Best Page Goes To

Starbucks. Im getting tired of liking these guys so much but 18,856,485 fans cant be wrong and a breakdown of their posts alongside research as to why people follow brands shows how strongly they execute.

Starbucks Example

Of course were not all celebrities or as fan-friendly as ice cream and coffee so, tell us, which Facebook pages did you find inspired you the most during the past year?

About the Author: Bob Nunn

Bob Nunn is an Internet Marketing Consultant in Toronto and the founder of BrandMechanics. Bob has a successful track record of helping companies fine-tune their online marketing and getting their brands revved up. He has won over 40 marketing awards for his work in advertising, new media, email and more for clients such as Yellow Pages Group ‘The Find Engine’, Blockbuster ‘Guaranteed To Be There’, FutureShop ‘You’ll like what the future has in store.’ and 3M ‘Innovation’ among others.

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