I'm so fed up with Google's SERP and general "whatever" attitude that I'm using Bing as my default search engine " and liking it a lot, too. Not only has it got cleaner, less spam ridden results for some searches than Google does; Firefox's top thinks it has a better, safer privacy policy too.

That doesn't mean I embrace Bing as the next Kool-Aid dispenser; I'm the first to admit Bing is (still) a work in progress and therefore among the first to admit its failures.

FAIL: minus 7C is not 44.6F

Located in Canada temperatures are expressed in Celsius for me. For my other inclined North Americans I have to translate that to Fahrenheit. In my grandmother's mother's childhood we had conversion calculators or tables for it; nowadays we have conversion built right into our favorite search engine (see: Bing).

So when Jessica D'Amico mentioned the temperature at her place, I wanted to respond with the one here. <click> <click> type in address bar: "7C in F <enter>

And what do I see?

Bing no negative conversion


That's -7c in f according to Bing

Here's how Google handles it correctly:

Google negative conversion


What search engine weirdness have you spotted?