Social media gives businesses and companies a perfect way to bring awareness to their brand. I've stated this in previous blog posts. But one of my favourite ways of utilizing social media for brand awareness is the blogger outreach strategy. It's sort of a controversial conversation I've had with a few other people in the internet marketing business, but honestly, I think it's great!

You Want to Try Something Because Everyone Else Is

Outreaching to bloggers CAN be effective if strategized properly. When I want to try the latest trend from products to fashion, I will usually search through some blogs, or I might even see a product, event, or restaurant review on a blog and really want to try it. You would be surprised at how easily people are influenced.

Easily influenced

Blogging is so popular right now, that a majority of us have at least a few blogs we check out from time to time to brush up on our interests. I like fashion and beauty products, so I check out my favourite blogs to see what the latest trends are. I can't tell you how many times I've purchased something after my favourite blogger influenced me on the product.

Choosing the Right Blog

If you plan on doing blogger outreach as a social media strategy, make sure you plan it out.

  1. Like any social media strategy, it's important to do your research. Has the blogger blogged effective reviews in the past, and was there any response from it? Does the blogger have a solid following? Is there any engagement going on throughout the blog? Is there any buzz generated on the blogger?
  2. Does the brand fit the blogger? If you want to conduct a blogger outreach on baby products, you might not want to choose a fashionista with no children. There are TONS of different blog genres out there that are very popular.
  3. Is the blogger going to do some outreach of their own once they have conducted the review? During the research process, you should look to see that they are participating in other popular social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, and they have a handful of followers. If so, check to see that they "micro-blog" their blog posts. If they do, your blogger knows the 101 on word of mouth.
  4. It's also important that your blogger does an honest review. If the blogger has absolutely nothing bad to say about a product, it looks a tad "I just got paid to do a review, so I need to say good things only". When I see a review like that, I generally turn my head. I want to know the good and the bad. Nothing is perfect. Don't shy away from a blog because they have a few minor negative points to make.
  5. Blogger Outreach

    You Know What They Say...It Can't Hurt ToTry

    When trying to generate brand awareness I believe that every little bit counts. Conducting a blogger outreach is the cherry on top of the sundae. Blogs are like newspapers, and many people turn to them to keep updated on their interest - so why not jump on that wagon and see where it takes your brand?