There seems to be a line drawn in the sand that many internet marketers have a hard time "crossing over"; not meeting personal and financial expectations is the norm for too many who wish they had the answers to the puzzle of internet success. There seems to be so much information on the topic that a person who is just beginning may not find their way.

Below are seven common problems I have noticed when people start with the very competitive business of online marketing.  Step back and reflect on areas that need improvement by going through each item carefully. You may be surprised how close you are to that great breakthrough!

Not Sure Where To Start


If you are sure you want to start a business online, you really have to understand what you want to do.

The number of opportunities available on the internet today is almost mind boggling.

The great part is that because there are so many ways to earn income, you can choose what best fits your skill set.

Having A Solid Business Model In Place


If you are relatively new to internet marketing, what goals do you have? Do you have a simple business model in place or is there a marketing advice you are following from a specific individual.

By understanding your goals, you can find instructional material that fits what you are trying to achieve, not the other way around.

A good example would be affiliate marketing. Since I decided to start my career as an affiliate, I chose to purchase instructional material from a marketer whose business centered around selling household products. This marketer has the same goals as I " to sell every day products. From this one marketer's instructional How To materials, I have been able to establish a relatively firm business model in one year. Without the business model, I would have lost focus and given up.

Information Overload


If your email in-box requires a full-time virtual assistant to clean it out, there is a problem of information overload.

Marketer's across the globe are trying to get your attention daily. Don't.

While you are developing skills in one area, give that area your full attention until it is time to go to the next topic of study.

Follow two or three marketer's and unsubscribe from other marketing emails and webinars.

Jumping from Opportunity to Opportunity


Again, becoming successful at anything requires dedication and commitment to one thing.

For example, to become a successful WordPress developer, you wouldn't stop studying to become a Joomla developer " would you?

You get the picture. Stick to one venture at a time.

Lack of Time Management Skills


This is a big one. Understanding the key concepts to time management will take you far in every aspect of your life.

An online entrepreneur generally has the responsibilities to handle multiple aspects of their business efficiently. By developing solid prioritization skills, you will have a better shot at a successful business and life.

Learning How To Generate Traffic or Leads


Traffic generation is the foundation of any online business success.

Without customers (traffic), a business cannot exist. Learning how to generate traffic and converting that traffic to customers will eventually place you and your business in the winners circle. Not being able to generate traffic is a sure way to end a potentially lucrative online business.



Motivation to stay the course when times get rough is the difference between people who are successful and those who are not.

Being able to overcome the struggles of starting any new business, whether online or offline is the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur. The key here is not to listen to others who do not support your efforts.

Find other like minded folks who understand that success for you means having support to make sacrifices now so that down the road, the fruit of your labor was well worth it.

The recipe for success in internet marketing is a very individual set of ingredients. Sure, there are some solid, fundamental truths to everyone's success or failure but, understanding our own unique skill sets will help us get closer to the sweet taste of success sooner and sooner! All the best to your success!