Facebook is the world's most visited social media website and the second most popular destination on the Internet with some 500 million active users, half of which log in at least once daily. With so many opportunities to reach out and interact with potential customers, what business wouldn't want to utilize Facebook as a tool for promoting their business?

Business Profile and Contact Import

Promoting your business account though Facebook allows you to collect 'fans', attract 'likes' and post content such as links to products and blogs. The content you post has the potential to go viral and spread outside of your fan group attracting more attention to your brand. Ensure you use a business account as Facebook have strict terms and conditions surrounding misuse of accounts, plus keeping the two entities separately provides you with more privacy. With your business account, invite related businesses and friends, import from other sources such as e-mail. Do not expect everyone to join not everyone has or wants Facebook and not everyone is interested in your product even if they do join.

Branding your Profile

Ensure all of the information on your profile is filled out; this means the potential 'fan' has a transparent view of your business and allows them to click through to your own website or blog.

Facebook allows you to use a large logo when the visitor is on your profile; however this logo is cropped when you view a thumbnail. Knowing this you can specially craft a logo which suits both views and makes your profile look more professional.

Custom tabs allow you to create additional tabs for information, you can use this feature for a landing page, this is very useful as a tool to welcome your visitors and entice a 'like'.

Vanity URLs allow you to make a meaningful address; obtaining one of these for your business is a must. Rather than your business will appear in a cleaner format

The more people that interact with your content the more popular it becomes, when it is more prevalent it is more likely to appear in your fans feeds helping to promote your content. Reply and connect with comments, the more you interact with the people who follow you the better, connect with the community.

Giveaways, freebies and discounts for Facebook fans is a popular technique to attract and encourage fans to partake or join your community.

Regular, interesting and fresh content published to your profile will ensure fresh and repeat clicks.

Finally add your Facebook vanity URL to your printed stationary such as business cards and letter heads, as well as hyperlinks from your business blog and website, this will help expand the reach of your Facebook profile outside of Facebook.