Are you stuck for new website content ideas to ease your writer's block after having written the first few articles about topics related to your business?

I spoke with Steve Shaw, founder of the article submission service,  about how to come up with ideas for new content. Here are four of his key suggestions.

Listen to your customers

People who already bought from you know what your business offers. Most of your customers will like you, and theyll give you constructive feedback if you give them a mechanism to talk to you.

Make it easy for them to give you their opinion on your purchase processes. That way youll be able to publish answers on your site to the most common pre-sales queries.

Top tip format

Numbered top tip style articles are easier to write because you just have to write a sentence or two on each tip.

Theyre also a lot easier to read online.

Most people dont want to read through large paragraphs of text when theyre reading online and short paragraphs with numbered headings tempt the reader in.

Dinner party talk

Imagine youre at a dinner party and youre asked the question So what do you do? Whats your response?

Most people have a personal elevator pitch where they can give a 30-second overview of what their job entails and how they got there. This kind of personal overview can form a useful, informative website article.

A beginners guide

Its easy to assume that because youve answered the same queries before " possibly on a blog post " that your new customers will read those older blog posts to look for answers to their queries.

However, you should think or re-structuring your site and adding a step-by-step easy-to-find beginners guide for people who are completely new to your niche.

Hopefully these 4 suggestions might help you if youre suffering from writers block. Maybe you might have some more suggestions " can you suggest any more website content ideas?