With the mass acceptance of social networking, the choice of colors on your website and logo are certain to make a stronger emotional connection with those making social referrals.

Colors create different impressions and moods, so it's important to understand the meanings of common colors:



Usually used to represent power and aggression, red also means love, especially when mixed with pink.

Historically, red represented blood and was often a sign of danger (think about it -- stop signs and stop lights are red, if you don't heed them, you'd be in danger).



A very feminine color, and oftentimes is part of what symbolizes love of women by men.

Also a very quiet and calming color.



A warm color, representative of summer.

When mixed with brown it can symbolize autumn.

It also has a variety of other strong meanings related to business, such as ambition, success, or goals. It also can represent justice or legal matters, or happiness and new beginnings.



This color represents earth, it's often mixed with orange or yellow to represent autumn. In other contexts, it might stand for strength, togetherness, productivity and hard work (think of UPS' "What can brown do for you?" slogan).



Usually, this color represents wealth or riches. However, it's also a masculine color and represents power. It can be used with other bright colors to represent playful humor.



Shades of blue are among the most relaxing colors to look upon. Cool and calming, blue often represents the sky or the sea. It could also connote love, trust and devotion.



The color of nature. However, darker shades of green have a completely different meaning"that of money, success and power.

Today, nearly all computers and devices display potentially millions of shades of colors. This list is just a small sampling of the more popular shades found on websites and logos. Make the right first impression"not with your words, but with your choice of colors.