What Is Digg?

Digg is a social news site that combines features and information of a social media sites and a news sites making it somewhat like Facebook meets Yahoo news. Digg.com contains stories from the world of business, commerce, movies, sports, gaming, science, politics and entertainment.

This network qualifies as a social site because it offers the same features and services that social networking sites normally have, such adding friends who can follow you and your postings. However, unlike famous social websites like Facebook - Digg offers more than the social aspect of networking - because it offers information in the form of news articles. Digg users actually submit news, images, videos and tutorials - and then checks if the community accepts them or not.

If the community likes a story, they have an option to Digg and support the article. These articles then compete for the news rankings in the network. Each story is given 24 hours to get enough votes to be promoted to the front page of the site. Usually, there are more or less 15 stories posted on the front page that last for about 2 hours. And as other new articles are dugg, older articles and stories are then forwarded to the second page, then to the third page and so forth until it disappears.

If the community does not like the story, they have an option to bury it by tagging it as lame, duplicate, or spam.

This is what usually happens in Digg for a clearer picture - for example, there is news about child trafficking published in the CNN website. If this story is dug by some, but doesn't necessarily make it to the front page, the same may already produce an extra hundred visitors to the CNN website because of its exposure to the network.

And if the new article continue to generate more visitors - it may still later on make the Digg front page. With this, thousands of visitors will be able to visit the CNN website and it is likewise worthy to note that there are even some stories that generate up 150,000 -220,000 visitors, and it can all happen in a short period of time.


How Can Digg Help You In Your Business?

You can increase your online websites success by looking for related contents to your business, which you think will get a lot of votes. And as I mentioned earlier - the more dug your story is, the more visitors are directed to your website, thereby increasing its exposure and more importantly, increasing your profits.Remember that exposure means traffic which equates to more conversions. So, if you want to use Digg for your business you will need to be active in the community, create and post relevant content that will encourage visitors to support your business and what it has to offer. Another method that you can opt to do is to Digg other posts that you like. Why? Because this will encourage other users to Digg and check out your posts, again providing better visibility for your story.

Aside from using Digg to direct traffic to your website try to study what are the interesting and popular contents in Digg, such as the ones with the most votes. Afterwards, use this approach for your own website content, and create endorsements and promotions, as well as search engine friendly contents as well. Through this, you'll be able to find potential customers who are searching for information.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, Digg can also provide you with that much needed business exposure, for it can grant businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services by sharing your press releases and news articles.

Overall you will need to build an active profile in order to make your business strategy with Digg work. After all, your number of followers is the fuel in order to make you one of the most popular users. Hence, if you have a story to submit but you don't have any one in your network to dig your story, you wont get to that exposure that you want - hence it's important to build strong connections via Social Media platforms.