A Multilingual Twitter For The Future


The future is multilingual.

The amount of multilingual people in the world is already greater than the number of monolingual people.

It is becoming relevant and meaningful to know more than just English, particularly for those in the US who usually only speak it. It has been estimated before that by the year 2025, nearly 10% of the US population will be fluent in Spanish.

Multi-Language Twitter accounts can be quite useful for those who already know other languages or for those trying to learn another language. Perhaps you're a college student and you met someone in your dormitory who is a native Spanish speaker. You could use Twitter to tweet in Spanish to your friend, and he would understand you more than if you wrote in English. This could also be very beneficial to you, because you would be learning Spanish while communicating with your friend.

There are many benefits to learning another language, and using a Twitter Multi-Language account can give you all of them. When you write in another language, your native language skills will become even sharper, since you have to think about how to write what you want in both languages. You also get to learn about the culture of the people who speak the language you are trying to learn, especially when you take the time to learn their slang terms. Finally, learning another language can make you very competitive in the job market, and you could land high-paying jobs that monolingual people wouldn't be able to have.

You can use a Twitter Multi-Language account to your advantage in several ways. Everything that you tweet in English, you should also tweet in the other language or languages that you know or are trying to learn. When you receive tweets from others in another language, you can have it translated back into English so you know what has been written. You can then tweet your own answer back to them in both English in the other language of languages. Another strategy you could use if you really wanted to learn that language is to add people to your Twitter friends list who only speak in the language, so you'll be forced to tweet in that language if you want to communicate with those people.

Several opportunities exist for multilingual tweeting on Twitter. Many famous athletes, musicians, actors, and others don't have the greatest command of the English language. For example, baseball is a very popular sport in the US and there are plenty of baseball players who don't know English that well. Many of them only know Spanish, so you could tweet with them in Spanish to communicate with your favorite athletes. You could follow them and re-tweet their tweets in the language they speak, and you could become better able to speak directly with celebrities who speak other languages.

Another avenue to explore is advertising your blog or website in the other language. If you write entries for your own weekly blog or if you have a website, you could get even more viewers if you use Twitter to advertise it in other languages. You might even go far enough to translate your blog entries or website material into other languages so that people who speak a variety of languages can read it. Your written skills in the other language could become sharp very quickly if you're willing to tweet in it with regularity.

The importance of learning another language grows more each and every year. It is already useful to know Spanish, and it will only increase in value as more years pass. Other languages are helpful to know, too. If you utilize Twitter's Multi-Language accounts, you can put yourself on the path to learning another language that much more quickly. The time has come to appreciate other cultures and other languages, so get on Twitter today and start learning how to manage Multi-Language accounts.

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