Facebook Timeline For Brands & Businesses Factsheet

New York Times' Facebook Timeline

Facebook will transfer brand pages to its new timeline format by the end of March. Those that want can initiate the transfer before that time.

What Is The Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is a new page format or page layout initially introduced for personal profiles.

How Is Facebook Timeline Different?

One of the most important differences is that Timeline highlights a number of posts, photos, videos and other moments from the past picked by Facebook's algorithms. The old style profile was a simple endlessly scrolling first-in/last-out list of items.

The year-by-year scrapbook-style view can make two business profiles look very different.

Take for example two companies which have both posted an equal amount of information in 2011 but one company was relatively silent in the years before. That company's profile will have empty or somewhat empty years scrolling back; something which was virtually hidden form view in the old format.

Another big change is the cover photo. This image is much larger than your current square-style photo.

Finally the landing tab has gone. Depending on how you used this tab this may impact your Facebook strategy.

Important Information About The Cover Photo

Maximum dimensions 830px by 315px.

Your cover photo may not include:

  • A call to action, including Like or Share
  • Discounts or any other pricing information
  • Any contact information

Can I Remove Items From My Timeline?

Yes. While the Facebook algorithms do the initial picking, you get the final say-so.

Simply keep your mouse over the item until the edit pencil appears.Click on it to hide the item from the timeline. This does not delete the item; it simply removes it from the timeline view.

Can I Feature Items On The Timeline?


Hold your mouse over the item. When you see the star, click on it. This item will now stay visible on the timeline.

Can I Add Items In The Past?

If you find your past's timeline too empty you can retro-actively add items to it either by changing the date on one or more posts or by adding new predated material.

Once you have a suitable item, hold your mouse over it until the edit pencil appears. Then click on the watch icon. Update the date details.

You can add new material by adding a new item directly to the timeline but selecting an older date for it.

Can I Opt Out Of The Facebook Timeline?

No. You can opt in before the forced, mandatory change by the end of March but there is no way to opt out.

What Are The Advantages Of The Facebook Timeline?

Your investment in social content gets a potentially higher ROI because of the longer half-time of the content.

In the past material which scrolled off the page would simply be gone; who would scroll back pages and pages and pages to see what happened in 2008?

With the new format it becomes very easy for people to (re)engage with your key material and key events from the past yeas. Imagine featuring your most engaged posts, your best content, highest rewards; the overall impression you can make is stellar.

By featuring different kinds of content you and Facebook keep the user entertained, interested, and engaged.

What Do I Have To Do To Prepare?

First and foremost, invest in a good, delicious visual that matches your brand(ing). Make sure the image is of high quality image quality: simply enlarging your current image or logo will probably not work.

If your social past is barren, prepare key content to feature for those years. If you've already been active in the past, select what content you want to feature on your timeline.


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