In a previous post I formulated a complex Google query to find guest blogging opportunities.

Where previous guest blogging guides searched common key-phrases in guest post offers, they required an exhausting typing or copy-pasting of various key-phrases coupled with one relevant keyword.

The Google query I proposed makes searching guest blogs made as easy as copy-pasting these query and typing the keyword. In order to make these process even easier I built the following search form:

Now, this little experiment lead me to a new experiment. Only this time I didn't find relevant guides, so I had to discover the key-phrase myself through successive queries that gradually revealed more and more key-phrases.

The rise of real-time bidding (RTB) for web advertising made low-cost placements as efficient as in terms of click-through rate (CTR). However, premium ads have the value-added of branding and awareness. Although ad networks made great efforts to increase their inventory quality, most of the premium space is still transacted using email, Microsoft Excel, and fax machines. Even ad exchanges that position themselves as 'premium' offer mostly remnant space (maybe except of BuyAds).

In order to locate high rank premium placements, I formulate a new query based on the following four clusters:

  1. advertisement, sponsorship.
  2. banner, ad unit, ad slot etc.
  3. website, blog, forum, newsletter etc.
  4. 'advertise on', 'advertise with', 'with us' 'in our' 'on our'.

While the first three clusters are largely coherent, the third cluster is vague. The objective of this cluster is mainly to make sure that the web-page is making an advertisement offer and not just dealing with advertisement in general. The signals for such page, that represented by the fourth cluster, are 'call to action', like 'advertise on' and 'personal request' like 'with as' .finally, I packed the search query into the following search form: