Knowing the activity going on in your Local Business Google + Page is important. To learn more about your traffic, gossip, and the success of your +1, use the following simple measurement tools.

Searching With Google+

Like any search engine, you search to find what youre looking for. With Google+ Search, you can do that plus much more. If wanting to find out what people are saying about your local business and its products, use keywords to conduct a search. Your findings will result in your learning about your customers thoughts on your local business, while also being able to possibly answer customer questions about products.

Learn Who's Sharing Your Content

Ripples; the aftereffect caused by a rock landing in water and disturbing the surface with an outward effect caused by the main impact of the rock in water. Like the ripples caused by the rock, Google+ Ripples have a similar effect. With Ripples, you can see how your posts about your local business are used elsewhere. You are able to see who is sharing what you originally posted and what people are saying about your posts throughout the web. This cool feature can allow you to find new customers, influencers, and new people to add to your Circles.

Analyzing +1'S Effect

Google Analytics allows you to measure your local business +1s. You are able to view the customer engagement within your local business site by personalizing the recommendations, thus hopefully allowing the content on the page to stand out more.

Knowing The Data

Some soon-to-be released tools will provide you with the ability to view the data incoming to your page. These tools will allow you view much of the data incoming that is involved with your local business Google+ Page as well as the +1 activity. Some of this data youll be able to be view will include the traffic within your page, how that traffic is using your information, the demographics from users, as well as activities involving networking such as shares and comments. Overall, these tools will help you monitor your local business page and see the success of it.

The Beginning Of Building Application Program Interfaces (Apis)

One of many of the soon-to-be released Google+ APIs includes a hangout API. There is also an API for public data read access. As more APIs become ready, they will be released soon after. Each API will only better the Google+ experience.

Google+ continues to successfully help any local business build their page and make it stronger. Each new feature helps you to view what's going on within your Google+ page and how traffic is using it in a variety of ways. As new features are released, descriptions explain how they can be used to better your Google+ experience to help promote and grow your local business.