Everything You Wanted To Know About The Google Plus One Button For Your Business

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As most of you are aware by now, in March, Google has launched a new share button called +1 (Plus 1). It appears in search results, on paid ads, and now on websites.


In the words of Google product manager Daniel Dulitz, Google +1 is an annotation system which reinforces the interactions between organic and paid results, web pages, and your Google contacts.

The +1 button is similar to a Facebook like, a Digg, or a Thumbs up on StumbledUpon. Its a way of sharing with everyone that you like, recommend, or appreciate what youve just read and want others to know that.


When youve +1d something, there is a counter that lets everyone know how many different people have also +1d it. This will act as a gauge for how popular the content is and how often it is being shared.


+1 for your website - Another share button

Most website have employed a variety of share buttons on their website, blog, product pages, etc.

The two most popular social plugins belong to Facebook with the plugin types being the like button and the like box respectively.  

Even though the Google +1 button has only been around since March, the below stats show that Googles +1 is more widely used than Twitters share button and is implemented at almost twice the rate.

Websites with Google +1 plugin integration are at 4.5%, beating the combined numbers of the Twitter share (2.1%) and Twitter instant follow (1.3%) buttons:


+1 and its effect on SEO

Although Google has not officially stated the effect of +1s on SEO ranking, we know that social signals form a part of the algorithm. Google has been unable to mine Facebook data to add to the algorithm, and they recently didnt renew their relationship with Twitter, so the strongest social signal that that will influence the algorithm will be +1.

Adding +1 share to your site.

Google offers the code on their site:


+1 for AdWords

For those of you that use AdWords, +1 will be a benefit to you,too.


Like the effect the +1 button will have on regular search results, by favouring an ad will help that ad be seen by others in your social network.

According to Christian Oestlien, Googles Group Product Manager for Ads, +1 will appear on all Google search ads by default. However advertisers will be able to opt out by submitting this form

Also according to Oestilen, early indications from testing makes them feel that ads that have been +1d are showing higher Click Through Rates and that feedback on the program from advertisers have been positive.

Some other good news is the +1ing an ad does not count as a paid ad click.

Also, advertisers will be able to review stats around their ads and which ones are getting the most +1s in Google Webmaster Central.

In the final analysis, Google +1 will becoming increasingly important as the adoption of the button continues to grow. Be ahead of the curve and add the button to your website, encourage everyone to use it, and begin to reap the rewards.

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