Everything in life online can be made better, easier, smoother, or just plain more fun with browser extensions. Google+ is no exception.

1. Star Bookmarks For Google+


If I'm allowed to keep only one Google Plus chrome extension, this would be the one. Insanely useful.

Star Bookmarks For Google Plus adds the same type of togglable star as we know from Gmail, Google Bookmarks, and Google Reader so that you can now star Google+ posts to remember or come back to later for a full read.

ScreenClip Starred posts are stored in your Google Bookmarks so that the extension not only works across all your computers, you can access the information even from other browsers and machines.


A must have extension; no-fuzz installation and a real timesaver.


2. Google +1 Button

Super handy.

No need to srufe to Google+ and add a page there; simply click the +1 button in your browser to (publicly) +1 the page, then click in the window that came up to share the page on Google+.

From the makers of Google, Adsense, and +: google.com


3. G+me for google plus

Make the layout of and functionality of Google+ just so that it actually works for you.

Main feature (according to me): collapsible posts. Can it do collapse all you ask me. Yes, I say. It can. The only thing that could make that even better is if it were to play nicely with the Star function mentioned above. G+ Google Reader style FTW.

Other features include: true comment count, notifications, mark post read, mark comments read, and mouse-over instant preview.

Did I mention it has collapsible posts?



Bonus: Google+ Notifications

One of the many extensions that displays a Google+ notifications badge & count with the option to reply.

What makes this extensions different is that it's the official Google extension. Given the choice between same functionality and official or not, I prefer to go with the official one.

Of course I can't in all honesty recommend this extension and instead should warn you against it. Dings!, beeps and alerts are intrusions of the attention firewall, stealng unique-this-comes-only-once life time that's better used to make awesome stuff.