Introducing Google Schemer


Google Schemer is just one of the new updates to enter the realm of the unstoppable Google empire. Google has been working hard to improve their social media technology and presence over the last year with a view to increasing their share in the extremely busy and highly profitable market. Enter Google Schemer.

So Why The Name 'Schemer'?

Schemer refers to a person making a 'secret plan' and, coincidentally, also sounds a lot more interesting than 'Planner'! You can see from the initial Google Schemer marketing, that Google have taken the full meaning of this term on-board with the logo featuring a false moustache, much like the old fashioned disguises you would find on a silent movie villain.

What Is Google Schemer All About?


Google Schemer is an invite-only feature at the moment from Google+, and it's premise is to help you to share your interests and discover new things to do with others on the social network. When you scheme online with Google you can find entertainment and activities that match your own interests. This lets you to set yourself personal goals and plan future activities with friends online.

  • A scheme might be something as simple as meeting up with friends in your favourite restaurant or taking the trip of a lifetime to go killer whale watching in the Antarctic.
  • It enables you to connect with other individuals who are focused on the same goals, and encourages you to start conversations about your joint interests.
  • By adding tags and locations to your schemes it enables others to see what you are up to and what your future goals might be.
  • You will be able to explore your friends tags and see what they are up to. This can include things like seeing what dishes they can recommend at restaurants, what movies they have reviewed and what they plan for the weekend.
  • Google has closely partnered with top entertainment and topical interest networks including the Food Network, Rolling Stone, Bravo, Entertainment Weekly and IGN.
  • This means you can get ideas for your social goals from the experts as well as your friends and contacts online.
  • With Google Schemer you can post your own ideas and also write comments and replies on your friends schemes.
  • Google Schemer is integrated with Google+. This helps you to connect more easily online.
  • The integration also means that when you update your Schemer ideas they will be automatically connected to your Google + accounts, saving you the embarrassment of duplication.
  • A mobile app for Google Schemer is due for release soon, which will allow you the freedom to update and keep in contact on the move.

The new app can also use your current location and suggest top schemes close to you. This is a great way of finding your way around a new location (top restaurants, fun activities, festivals etc) or taking a new look at the place you live.

How Could This Be Of Use To Online Marketers?

Expanding your Google+ network is the most obvious way that Schemer could be used. Commenting on items posted by others and interacting with them, particularly in the early days of the network, is much more likely to get their attention.

Also, creating schemes that are linked to your business could be a great way of gaining extra exposure. If you run a dog training website, commenting on a 'teach my dog to sit' scheme not only helps people but generates extra traffic too. Think of this as a lightweight, trimmed down Quora. By posting goals people are basically saying 'this is what I want to do'. They haven't asked for help but are fairly likely to appreciate some if it comes their way.

Grab Yourself An Invite...

It would have been rude of me not to give you a sneaky tip for grabbing yourself an invite. The easiest is to find a friend who has some invites remaining, but there are plenty of people out there giving them away - this search should help you out!

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