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How To Ask Your Client For A Video Testimonial

How To Ask Your Client For A Video Testimonial
Video testimonials are one of the most authentic ways to boost online credibility, yet most businesses hesitate to ask their clients.

Some businesses hesitate to ask clients to prepare a testimonial but testimonials are one of the best ways to boost your online credibility, both for products and services. Video testimonials? Doubly so. When posted on social media networks the influence multiplies each time someone shares the video. In addition to boosting credibility, video testimonials can showcase the transformation your clients go through when using your products or services.

Here are a few helpful tips for asking your clients for a video testimonial, as well as how to prepare them for their big debut once they've agreed to your request:

How To Ask

The best way to ask your client is through written communication, usually via email. This gives you an opportunity to make the request without interruptions, without forgetting any details and most importantly - you're not putting anyone on the spot. This will also give them ample time to digest your request, and plan accordingly if they agree.

When To Ask

The best time to ask a client for a video testimonial is right after a successful transaction - when everyone is still on an emotional high. Your clients genuine satisfaction for the work that was done (or the product that was delivered) will shine through and will act as a natural attraction to others.

What To Say

Its important that your client understands that all you're asking them to do is talk about their own business, and how you've helped. Ask your client how your company met their needs, or helped them overcome some kind of problem they were having. These simple questions will help your clients tell their story in their own words, which is important because each client will have their own experience to share.

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