How To Do Freebie Marketing Right


We are big believers in trying something new; anything creative.

We've all thought about marketing using freebies; but does it work? It worked for King Camp Gillette, so that's good enough for us.

Can you make it work, that's the question?

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." - Milton Berle

Thanks Milton!

If business owner's structure an offer incorrectly, they give high value, but devalue their products and/or services. Please hold onto this point throughout the blog post.

Why Use Freebie Marketing?

Freebies can work. The business owner needs to make them work.

Our freebie was designed to create:

  • Networking contacts, we'll take those
  • Traffic, we'll enjoy that
  • An outside-of-the-box promotion, we like that
  • A cheap marketing campaign; yes please!

Other benefits for businesses might include:

  • Building a list (email contacts and leads)
  • Brand awareness
  • Penetrating a new market segment

Here is what our offer provides:

  • A promotional whiteboard video for their business, which we usually charge 59 for
  • Our time
  • A new business connection

Here is what we get:

  • A project piece for our portfolio if needed
  • A new business connection
  • A link underneath the video, visible to all of their customers

To cut a long story short. It works for both of us.

What To Offer?

This is where problems occur for most businesses; they think giving away products and services is easy. Well, it is, but you need to offer value.

Now, let's go back to this point:

"Outside The Box, We Like That"

Don't give away...

  • Free e-books - who reads them anyway, have you even read the one you are offering? How much would you pay to read it again?
  • Freebies with strings attached - that's a whole different ball game, it is not free.
  • Poor sellers - trying to get rid of stock as a marketing tool? People don't want to buy the items for a reason. They'll take them for free, but they won't shout about it!

Do giveaway REAL value...

  • Your time
  • Your experience
  • Your products and service


You need to package your deal to make it attractive.

  • Exclusivity or limited time offers - these always work well. Our offer was for 3 videos. This also means we can easily re-establish the value, 59, after the offer and not de-value our service
  • A product or service that you currently sell - like a video, at 59, for instance!
  • A product or service that is equal to your current full price offering - don't cut corners because this is a freebie

Important points to take from this blog post:

  • Find a platform to promote an offer: your website, Twitter account or a forum
  • Avoid offering the obvious; think outside the box
  • Use structure, limitations and exclusivity; retain value of your core products and/or services, but make an offer appealing.

Each niche, business and offer will be different to the next and last; take that into account when materialising ideas.

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