Perhaps you are a freelance writer, who is just breaking into the field, or you are an aspiring blogger, but you dont consider yourself a wordsmith. In either case, you will likely come across topics that you simply have to write about in order to drive traffic or to meet a clients requirement. When it comes to content writing, whether as a freelancer or as a blogger, there may be many instances where you may know nothing at all about the topics that you simply must write about.

For example, you may be asked to write an article about "URL canonicalization" when you dont know the first thing about Search Engine Optimization. Before you start to have a panic attack and decide to toss in the towel because you dont think there is any way that you will be able to write about the topic, wipe the sweat from your forehead and keep on reading.

Following are some proven methods that you can use in order to help you fake it until you make it.

  • Research is Your Best Friend. If you have a computer and you have a connection to the Internet, then you have the ability to quite literally write about anything. When writing about topics that you arent familiar with, you will quickly become an expert in research. Simply go to a search engine, type in the given topic and start browsing through hundreds and thousands of results that will be returned to you. While any search engine will work, Google is your best bet. Why? Because Google is the most powerful search engine and as such, it is stocked with valuable information. Do a little research and you will be able to locate enough information that will enable you to write a blog post about the best tourist attractions in Australia, even if you have never stepped foot in the country.
  • Arrange an Interview. In addition to researching on the World Wide Web, another way to gather information is to talk to experts. Say, for example, a client requires an article about kindergarten readiness tips for parents, and you dont know the first thing about education " and you dont have children. Contact a local elementary school and see if you can arrange to interview one of the kindergarten teachers, a principal, a vice principal, a superintendent, or anyone else who would qualify as an expert on the given topic. Ask questions, take notes and compile the information into a well-thought out piece that sounds as if you are an expert in early childhood education (dont forget to give credits to the interviewee)
  • Look in a Book. In this day-and-age of modern technology, where everyone is hooked to a computer, a tablet or a smart phone, it may sound funny to hear someone suggesting a Look up in the Books, but when it comes to researching a topic, this age-old method still works wonders. No matter what topic you have to write about, you can head to your local library or to a book store and you will find several books that pertain to the topic. Take the time to look through the books that you have collected, document any pertinent information and use the information to compose an expertly written piece.
  • Social Media Outlets. While social media may not be the most authoritative or credible means of acquiring information, it can actually prove to be quite useful when it comes to writing about topics that you arent familiar with. Trending topics, or topics that are being talked about the most, can serve as a valuable source of information. Social media is most valuable when it comes to current events, such as celebrities, news stories, fashion trends and so forth. So, go ahead and log into Facebook or Twitter to see what others are talking about in order to collect information for a writing assignment.


When it comes to freelance writing or blogging, you dont necessarily have to be an expert in a given field in order to write a piece that is engaging and full of expert advice. Using the aforementioned tips, you can write about virtually any topic " from accounting to zoology " and sound pretty much like an expert doing so (even if you dont know anything about accounting or you have never been to a zoo.) All you need to do is to double check all the information and cite only credible sources. Just a word of caution, avoid taking up topics like medical advice or any other topics of critical nature.