For businesses, joining Pinterest is for the purpose of building followership in order to entice more people to like its brand. Below are some tips you can follow to build your followership on Pinterest:

Linking Accounts: If you have not already done this, we recommend you sync your Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter accounts with Pinterest. You will be surprised at the number of people within your network that are already on Pinterest. By doing so, you can follow them easily and it will likewise give you the opportunity to invite your network of friends and contacts to join Pinterest as well.

Also, by linking your Facebook and Twitter, your Pins & Posts on Pinterest can also be shared on your other social profiles. It's a win-win combination.

Start Pinning: Users will only follow you if you have content, just like everything else online. In other words, you need to give users what they want. Start sharing useful information on your boards. The main key here is to publish posts which are related to your business and industry, while thinking outside the box at the same time. For example, if you're a travel agency, you could share:

  • images of various locations
  • share guide books
  • travel information
  • Weather information
  • Places to visit

So, away from just hard selling your products and services or even spamming; instead provide (helpful) information.

Engage With others: As with all social networking sites you need to give something from your end too. Follow others, like their content and share it on your boards. By doing this regularly, you will gain the attention of other users and they will like your content and share your posts as well.

Ease of sharing: Make it easy for your web site visitors to share your content. Just like the "Tweet" and "Like" button ensure that you have the "Pinterest" button on your pages so users can easily share your content. Also embed the "Follow me on Pinterest" button on your site, to allow your visitors to easily follow you.

Always remember that each time your content is shared, it will be viewed by a different set of followers of other profiles, and it will certainly increase your followers.


  • Provide links in your Pinterest
  • Make your Pinterest share-friendly
  • Follow persons who have the same interest as you or those that belong to your demographics - in order to get a much higher chance of being followed in return and to gain more followers.

Be Creative: Rather than just re-pinning other content, come up with new attractive posts yourself with the use of good images - in order to give your boards a mixture. Make sure to have original pins once in a while, and don't mainly rely entirely on re-pins. Also, make sure your content is of good quality. Remember that you are into brand promotion - and any bad impression on your content will reflect in your brand.

When posting, come up with good captions that mention a few keywords when describing your pin. By doing so, searches will be optimized and searchers will have an easier time finding your posts.

Aside from creativity, you will also need to keep your pins organized, to give it a simpler and neater look.

Use #Hashtags - Just like other social media, it would be helpful to use key phrases and words tagged with hash (#) signs. This will not only help visitors find the subjects they looking for in Pinterest, but it will also make your pin available to search engines.

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