Facebook App Development – Step Two: The Development


As promised, here is the second installment on the Facebook app development (you can read the first part here) article series. While the first article focused on the benefit of getting an application, this piece will focus on the development process and the generic procedure Facebook app development companies adopt for creating and deploying a successful application.

So, without further ado, let's hit off!

The Idea Initiation Process

The first step is to initiate, discuss and evaluate the application idea. This phase is generally conducted by the business development executive who will be guiding you with a Facebook application idea development and strategies required to make it a success. This is most helpful for clients who want to have an application built but are not exactly sure of an idea or game play concept (in case of a Facebook game application). In case you do know what you want, then the idea initiation will lead on to project confirmation on which the company would be providing you with their contracts/terms and conditions.

The Analysis Process

A reputable and professional company would be taking your project through an analysis process where the business analyst would be in communication with you and takes the project through the entire requirement engineering process. This involves delivering you a scope of work document that would include a detailed explanation of technologies used, timeline, budget and overall project development requirements.

The Design And Development Phase

The design and development phase goes hand in hand. Some companies would have a parallel process while some would go through a spiral, waterfall model (software development lifecycle terms). It's here that you would be brought into contact with a specific project manager who is assigned to making sure your project is taken care of. Every aspect; from character designs to colors, to interface and user front end is discussed and taken care of. The project manager will be your main point of contact with whom you will be interacting on a one on one level for any changes needed to be made in the project.

The Deployment And Maintenance Phase

Your Facebook application or game is taken through an entire quality assurance process where any potential bug is identified and dealt with. Once it's all perfect, the company prepares the deployment process where your application has to meet with Facebook's development terms and conditions. Once all the basic backend processes are completed, your application is ready for its superb launch!

There are some companies that also offer you a maintenance period of 30 to 60 days where your application is monitored and you are given initial guidelines on how to work on the application as the administrative backend (in case you are a newbie). The maintenance period is usually given for free.

What's The Benefit Of All These Processes?

Remember it is only professional Facebook application development companies that are able to provide you with this level of process breakup where at each phase you get to see the progress of your project. Hiring otherwise unprofessional people would be a huge headache for you, as you would have to be the one running around demanding corrections, keeping track of activities and so on. Though the cost of hiring a professional company is more than that of a solo developer, you are sure to receive awesome work without the least bit of worrying. What's worth your time and your money? You decide.

Hang on in there; while we come up with our third and final post early on how you can monetize from your application. How you can make it viral and what would be the benefits. Stay tune for more folks!

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