Now that you have proper lead tracking in place, you can work on attracting more visitors to your site. The goal is to attract quality traffic. We determine the quality of our traffic by monitoring our conversion rate. We can attract more visitors by working on these 5 core components:

1. Keyword Research

In order to attract more visitors we need to write content that answers their questions. We can find those questions by using Googles Keyword Planner Tool. Start by searching for your head keyword terms and look for variations. This will help you to find more long tail ranking opportunities. A search for My Keyword might help you to discover incredible search volume for How to save money with My Keyword. Often these keywords have less competition which will speed up the race to attract more organic visitors.

2. Content

Now that you know what your potential customers are searching for, it is time to write the answers to those questions mentioned above. Start with your main site pages such as Products and Services. Ensure that these pages are optimized for both the visitor and search engines by incorporating the necessary keywords. DO NOT stuff keywords for rankings. Once your primary pages are cleaned up it is time to start blogging. Target a minimum of 8 posts per month. Generally, the more you post, the faster you will get results. However, never sacrifice quality for quantity.

3. Search Engine Optimization

You know which keywords to target and you have excellent content. It is time to work on SEO. Go through your site and make sure that you have unique page titles. Use your keywords but keep the line flowing. Write descriptions that explain to searchers why they should become visitors. Descriptions have no SEO value, therefore they should be used to improve organic click through rates. Ensure that every page has a relevant H1 tag. The H1 tag should relate to both the title of the page and the content featured in the page. Once you have completed all of these items you will be in a position to attract more links naturally.

4. Pay Per Click Advertising

Now that you have completed items 1-3, you have to wait for Google to recognize you for all of your hard work. The best way to increase your volume of visitors today is by running a PPC campaign. Use your keyword research to identify the keywords you would like to target. Do some research on Match Types and start building your campaigns. Place conversion tags on your thank you pages so that you can determine which ads are actually generating leads.

5. Social Media

Using social media to attract more visitors is a matter of becoming a part of the community. Stop talking about yourself and become a trusted advisor. Hunt for people using social media to ask industry related questions. Help them out by providing a link to your great piece of content that answers that question. Do not try to sell them your product before you have proven your value.

What Should I do Next?

Now that were attracting more visitors to the site, next step is to focus on converting that traffic into leads.