Under normal linkbait circumstances you find something that appeals to as many as possible within your sector (or within the sector you'll publish toward).

For this technique what I propose is that you custom tailor the linkbait to one recipient, virtually guaranteeing a link.

Linkbait Process For One Specific Target

  • Identify you goals. What does success look like? Are you working on a keyword link? Name recognition? Authority building?
  • Identify your target. Make it worth your while. Ensure the target supports set goals you've set.
  • Audit the content of the site. Take about 15-20 minutes to preform site searches. Click through on the contextual links. Find the passion of the site (and plan to do them one better) or find the content hole. And don't worry, there's always a content hole be it deep or shallow.
  • Create the content. Meet the identified need as best as you can. If possible -- and only if it makes sense in context of the content and the site on which it will be published -- add a relevant link to the target site.
  • Publish the content.
  • Promote the content as you would under normal circumstances. Let 1 business day pass for the target site to notice and pick up the content.
  • Contact the target site, if appropriate, and suggest where they can use the content you created.


Linkbaiting is a good win-win link building strategy too valuable to waste on large-scale "see what sticks" campaigns. Use it to attract a link from a particular site by custom tailoring your linkbait to their needs, desires, or passions.

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