Editor: note that the below technique may involve (some) risk and may be (dis)qualified as bad content upon human review by Google Quality Raters. How well this works or not may depend on being able to fly under the radar (stay off page 1-3 from Google) or your sheer size.

You can get backlinks using  Link Collector sites.

What's a Link Collector site?

It's a site that gathers in content from various sources and posts links TO them. The easiest way to visualize this is to think of them as niche-specific mini-Twitters posting snippets and links to certain topically relevant articles.

Another way to think of this is having a Search Engine News Site posting SEO articles aggregated from myriad sources.

So what the purpose of a Link Collector site?

  1. To create something of value to add to the Internet.
  2. To create a mechanism that acts as an index driver for your content and others' content.
  3. To pave the way for future link exchange requests with the sites whose articles you're already linking to (repeatedly if their content is good....)

How do you build a link collector, index driver site?

To build these sites,all you need is  a WordPress blog, some RSS aggregation plugins, and Google Alerts.

Using WP O Matic (or other plugins that aggregate content):

On a separate domain install WordPress, then install WP O Matic

Add in some feeds to "scrape", criteria for these "feed-adds" is topically relevant sites with high quality content.

When you scrape these RSS feeds do not auto -publish them (saves as drafts) and don't publish the full content verbatim, ever!

When the plugin fetches these feeds, go to your Posts section in WordPress and look at the drafts

Write introductory snippets about the article you "scraped", then link to it.  Yes, this means you're linking to others' sites, but frequently you get a pingback or a trackback when you link to those URLs, so there's SOME backlinking occurring here automatically.

NOTE:WP O Matic has certain republishing templates you can use to auto-link to the sources of your gathered-in content.  Use following code to auto-link to the sources in your post drafts.

{content} -This will post the entire content of the URL that was scraped.  It's a good idea to scrape the whole article so you can read it from within your Admin panel and get the gist of the article and judge its quality and relevancy.

Read the entire content, then delete it and summarize it in your introductory snippet

<a href="{permalink}">Continue Reading {title}</a>

This will post a link to the source URL and {title} will automatically insert the title of the post you're linking to.

Over time and with consistent effort you can get a lot of posts indexed and added to your link collector site.  and as you get more index posts and ore backlinks, your link collector site become a more valuable addition to your niche community.

NOTE: These aren't SPLOGS, Spam Blogs stealing content, these are manually run, human-edited sites that act like min-Twitters and DO provide real value to the Internet, which is always the best SEO strategy.

This is a guest author post by Daniel McGonagle who has more link building tips at http://linkvanareviews.comscraper