You can easily optimize your LinkedIn profile for SEO; using it to optimize a connected website is a little different.

Here are a few ways to use the professional network and ranking of LinkedIn to your site's advantage:

1. Use Anchor Text When You Post Links

Instead of titling your links just "My Blog" and so on, use keyword-rich anchor text. Keywords may be what your site is about, the site's name, or your professional handle. Google will pick up on these keyword-rich backlinks and over time, it can help improve your website's SEO. You can read more about this here.

2. Post Content Links To Your Linkedin Profile

Since LinkedIn has a good rapport with Google, you should use it to post periodic links to your content. Many blogging platforms, WordPress included, let you connect your LinkedIn profile to your blog and will post links automatically when you update. You can also do this with websites, posting to your own profile and including sharing buttons for LinkedIn on your articles. If your content is relevant, well-written, and SEO-friendly, this can greatly improve your rankings.

3. Use Linkedin To Make Connections

LinkedIn is an excellent tool to find professional contacts. Use advanced search techniques to find others you can trade backlinks with and add to your network. You may not be able to contact other professionals directly on LinkedIn, but you can connect with their blogs, websites, and Twitter feeds and get in touch with them that way. Contacting through unconventional methods is more likely to get you noticed, and it gives you a chance to scope out the potential contact in more depth to see if they really are a good fit for your purposes. You can read more about using LinkedIn as a contact network here.

4. Improve Your Profile Seo

If you're going to use your LinkedIn presence as part of your SEO strategy, it needs to be visible in organic searches internally and externally. You can improve your visibility by using SEO tactics in your profile. Include relevant keywords in your headline and job descriptions, and keep your profile up-to-date. If you have work on high-ranking websites, link to those. Make plenty of first and second-degree connections, get recommendations, and customize your profile URL. Read more about SEO tactics for LinkedIn profiles here.

Using LinkedIn as part of your SEO strategy can have a positive effect on your rankings and help build your professional network over time. With strategy and good content, your LinkedIn ROI can boost your site's performance wonderfully.