LinkedIn released LinkedIn Today, their news service, which they hope becomes as important a daily click as Facebook or Twitter.

While LinkedIn has many members they have relatively few visit each day. With the professional looking business news aggregator LinkedIn hopes people come back for multiple visits every day.


Unlike any ordinary news distributer, LinkedIn knows what you and your friends, business contacts and colleagues are doing so the news is specific to your interests, things your contacts are interested in and popular news articles across the entire network.

You can keep an eye on your favourite sources, search by topic and follow particular industries.

The news is chosen by popularity, not an editor. Each story has a button on the lower right of the news' picture showing how many LinkedIn users have read and reposted the item; click on it and you'll see them listed, if they share their profile publically on LinkedIn.

There are currently about 20 industries featured in the suggested industries. LinkedIn has more than a hundred in its choices of industries so we should expect to see more of them available as the resource grows and matures.

Clicking on top sources provides you with an alphabetical list of all the major news sources which you can chose and focus in upon.

LinkedIn Today isn't a data aggregation service: it's been set up to prevent overloading you by only sending you stories that are relevant to your particular interests.

Currently it's refreshingly clear of advertising and marketing materials.