Google has now added to the incessant chatter we are all faced with on the Internet.  Although Google has acknowledged that its new Buzz service has some teething problems, it is not really the fault of Google.  There really is an incredible amount of noise on the Internet.

Find the Gold

Of course you cannot afford to ignore this if you are working in Internet marketing.  There may be gold nuggets to be found among all that dross.  Your radar screen needs to be very active.  There are a variety of ways to check the flood.  In addition to Google Buzz, you have Twitter and Google Alerts is another way to spot items of interest.  Couple that with regular scrutiny of your favorite RSS News Feeds and you should be well placed to spot the important items that appear.

Much of what you see will be a repetition of things you have seen before.  The real gold is when you see a new view that shows things in a different light.

New Views

It is somewhat surprising that an Accounting package should have chosen such a name.  The phrase, New Views, suggests that the topic will be viewed from a different perspective.  That certainly is something that can be very valuable.  For me, three recent items provided that different perspective.  They stood out from the crowd for quite different reasons.

Competent advice


As it does so often, the Problogger Blog had some useful suggestions on using LinkedIn to get more website traffic to your blog. Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using LinkedIn

Many people overlook the importance of using this most powerful, yet under-utilised social medium which so often connects with important networks.  The ten suggestions will certainly repay any efforts you put into these steps.

  1. Complete Your Profile
  2. Increase Your Connections
  3. Customize Your Website Links
  4. Answer Questions
  5. Update Status
  6. Join Niche Groups
  7. Post Comments In Groups
  8. Add RSS Feed to Groups
  9. Create a Group
  10. Add the Blog Application to Your Profile

It is often the case that advice from a respected source can help you see things in a different light.

A very different perspective

black caesar

My second illustration was what triggered the idea for this particular post.  In another post on this blog, Dead Idea Drop, Todd Mintz was encouraging everyone to kick away from the desk and look at non-traditional fields of endeavor.  Even though his particular choice would not be mine, it reminded me that we all see the world through different pairs of eyes.  Taking the time to understand someone else's point of view can often be very fruitful.

World changing ideas

mobile google

Some topics cannot afford to be missed.  My third example is exactly that.  Apparently Eric Schmidt revealed at the Mobile Congress  tradeshow that the key strategy in Google now is Mobile First.

He said that more of his companys focus is now on smartphones than on desktops. With this rule, Google developers are now creating versions of new services for smartphones before creating ones to run on PCs.

For some time the writing has been on the wall.  There are many factors that support the strength of the mobile web versus the Internet that can be viewed via the desktop PC.  Perhaps Schmidt was playing to the audience a little, but it seems undoubtedly true that the mobile web will increasingly grab a much greater share of Internet activity.

This is the kind of new view that one cannot afford to ignore.  If the world has moved on to a different playing field, then staying with the traditional ways is a recipe for eventual extinction.  Where are all those buggy whip manufacturers now?


There are many reasons why it is important to capture the new views that are there to be found on the Internet.  Even if it is only a way of doing more effectively what you are currently doing, that is worthwhile.  Being made aware that others are seeing the world from a different perspective may suggest a different way of approaching opportunities. 

However the most important new view not to miss is when the old traditional world is gradually dying and is being replaced by a new world.  The race goes to the swift and the early adopters undoubtedly will be the winners if they correctly use their starting advantage.