To help get your videos indexed in Google's Universal search results, there are steps you can take to help advance your rankings. But first things first. In order for your site to rank in Universal Search Results, you need to host the video on your site (maximize your exposure and still keep them on YouTube as well).

Once the videos are hosted on your rockin' website, you're ready to begin on-site video optimization.

Video Sitemap

Like a regular sitemap, the video sitemap helps search engines to properly index your videos. Each URL entry must contain the following information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Play page URL
  • Thumbnail URL
  • Raw video file location and/or the player URL (SWF)

For more information on this check out Creating a Video Sitemap from Google.

Title of the Video

Using your keyword list, create an optimized video title. For example, "How to Roast a Turkey" is better than 'Turkey Done Real Good' (although I am somewhat partial to the latter).

Surrounding Text

The text that surrounds the video can be a strong indicator for what is contained within the video, so ensure that you take the time to provide some relevant content for the video. For example, using the example above (How to Roast a Turkey) you can provide some background info on selecting and roasting a turkey.

URL Structure

Optimize the URL so that it uses keywords from your keyword list. Use dashes instead of underscores as search engines view underscores as a hard character. For example, mens_pants is read as 'mens underscore pants' while using a dash (mens-pants) reads as 'mens pants'.

File Names

Take the time to properly optimize your file names using your keyword list (assuming you already have a keyword list). This also helps search engines to identify and index your videos properly.

Embed Links to Your Site

And last but certainly not least, embed a link in the video so that when someone posts your amazing videos on their thriving site, you've just earned yourself credit and a link back to your site.

Now go forth and optimize young Jedi.