When Dana Lookadoo published Getting Control Of Your Social Media Life, we had it. Up to here <holds hand at throat height>.

Normally we don't do a lot of talking about Search Engine People here but I can tell you that in a year in which we grew to almost 30 employees, we know how invaluable processes are.

But processes in the SEO world are a bit of a ssssshh kind of thing though. They're like uncle Ned we don't talk about at Christmas (#dontask).

Somehow processes are believed to "cramp your style"; something we can't have because " dude -- we're rocking this thing with an BlackBerry iPhone in one hand, a plane ticket to the next conference in the other and Cutts on speed dial, "you know what I'm saying <wink wink>".

Processes Are "How To's"

The cool thing is though that processes are a lot like "How To's": they describe how you (can) do something in a most efficient manner.

Processes can exist purely informally in your daily work habits " we call them routines then. If you find yourself saying you "always" start keyword research this way or "always" start a new client project that way " you have processes.

Capture Processes

Capturing processes as "How To's" can help you maximize your results while reducing time and effort invested.

Once on paper it's easy to see how this or that step simply doesn't merit the time it takes.

Once on paper you can hand it to another person and say "here's how to do this".

Which means that in a way, processes are your route to the beach. They're what enable a business to take on new people and hand them a process large or small enough to say "here, just do this " you'll be fine."

Professionals Proudly Posting Processes

We loved David Wallace's Productivity Tips for Busy Search Marketers.

We thought Donna Fontenot went out of her way in Streamline Your Content Creation Process With Time-Saving Systems.

But it finally was Dana's post that made us say; look, we have to run with the community with this thing.

Over the coming months some of the smartest, brightest and creative people in SEO, SEM, copywriting, and marketing will be posting their processes to get things done.

Be on the lookout " the next email could be your invite.

Post Your Own #seprocess

Want to join? Post your own 140 character mini process and hashtag it with #seprocess.

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