Quora Useful for Marketing?! What?!

You came alone in this world. The moment you were born, questions were raised: what will be his name, which educational institution will he go to, what will he grow up to be? The moment you started making out what these words and ramblings meant, you found yourself wondering how, what, why, when, where? You just indulge into any book, conversation, movie that can put sense in you.


That is exactly why you use Quora. You know Im right. People dont type in keywords in search engines. They type in question that pops in their head. Im baking a cake and suddenly I realize I dont have sufficient eggs, I will go online and type in What can I substitute for eggs while baking a cake? I need someones, anyones opinion " quick! Well, not anyones, but you get my point. My need to have that question answered is so strong that I dont want to think about a potential keyword to search the answer! Quora is all about such questions, answered by people interested or knowledgeable in that niche.

How can Quora be useful to market my website then, you ask? Wait for it.

While You Were Questioning/answering Questions

i. You gradually built your profile

One that highlighted your interests, questions asked, questions answered, your following, your friend/cyber-friend circle, and most importantly how youve grown from a wonderer to an expert in your interests.


ii. You had a standard Bio for every post

Yes, probably you wrote that down ages ago. Wake up, and change it if its lying there covered in dust. Snap to it!

TIP: Add your website as a help guide besides bragging about your expertise.

iii. Found out you could change the Bio for every post!

Aha..clever one, you are! Changing your Bio (interest based expertise) according to the question topic definitely brings your answer up (other than sharing your answers on social networking sites!!); anyone in need of quick and precise answers would look up to expert advice.



iv. Gradually built new relationships " same interest people

And this is the best part! Congratulations on building organic followers! Show us some more love!

v. Built a halo of trust around yourself clip_image010

Yes, you did that, whether knowingly or unknowingly. You gave people helpful answers, your expert views, helped them out for more information/guidance, voted them up, spread love on the cyber world, and, ok you get it.

How We Benefited From Quora


Gradual Increase of Traffic via Quora to SearchEnabler

Also, the average time spent by the traffic is high and the bounce rates nearly zero! This means a highly engaged traffic actually interested in our content.


Highly Engaged Traffic from Quora

By consciously participating in discussions, you will start driving quality traffic to your website (unlike traffic which we get from other social media like Facebook).

Taking A Few Steps Back In Time Article

Maybe you didnt do all these things already. But hey, its not like the world is ending tomorrow! So do it.

so now since you did all these fine things, you can start questioning/answering about your own brand that you want to market.

Find questions that you can answer with your expertise in them. This can be a great potential to interact as well as to get links back to your site!

Quick Quora Question: Did you know about Boards?


Start a project, pin your ideas on the Board. Do the research. Ask questions on Quora. Get answers and information for your project. Add them to your Board. Let people follow your Board. I say, amazing way to market!

The Daily Telegraph has predicted that Quora will become larger than Twitter. Quora, along with Airbnb and Dropbox, has been named among the next generation of multibillion dollar start-ups by the New York Times. -Source: Wikipedia

Finally, wed love to hear from you how were doing on Quora, and how you found quality traffic from Quora for your own website!