RSS – The Secret Weapon of Your Small Business Blog

For small business owners; its enough of a struggle to post new content regularly to your blog. Let alone worrying about Facebook, Twitter, and all the other new social media sites that pop up regularly.

Your Content Plan

This is why it is so important to have a content plan for your blog. (You do have a blog for your business, right!?) A content plan can be as simple as just knowing what your next ten articles are going to be, and putting them on a calendar so you know when they will be published.

Once you have a content plan for your blog, you can use the same content to create updates for your Facebook Page and Twitter.

Syndicating Your Blog Posts using RSS

Most blogs have the ability to "syndicate" content built-in, using a technology called RSS.
RSS - syndicate your blog content to social media sitesRSS stands for really simple syndication, and this capability creates a stream of content that other sites can subscribe to and get updates every time you create a new blog post.

The magic of this RSS feed is this: you can set it up to automatically update your Facebook and Twitter accounts whenever you post something new to your blog! A myriad of tools exist to help you with this, including Feedburner Socialize and

Establishing Your Social Media Presence

Once you've set up these three very important elements for your business - Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter account, you have a basic Social Media presence that you can build on. Establishing a basic content strategy and automatically updating these sites from your blog gives you a great start in building a web presence that can get the attention of potential customers.

Once you've tested the waters, you can then start doing more with Facebook and Twitter, by engaging more with your followers and friends there.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of your blog's built-in RSS capability and leverage your hard work across not only your blog, but Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites!

About the Author: Don Campbell

Don is President of Expand2Web, where he writes about WordPress for business and local search marketing. He also created GetFiveStars - a tool for business owners to encourage feedback and positive reviews from their customers.

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