It's a two blog day!!

Under the auspices of striking while the iron is hot, Search Engine People is beyond thrilled to announce that we are among the first, if not the first Canadian company to become Google Adwords Qualified.

Not only has Search Engine People met the minimum standard requirements for qualification, we have surpassed them. (Google requires two Google Adwords Qualified Professionals, Search Engine People has no fewer than four.)

And, ripped from the press release, in the words of my boss:

In Google's own words, this is an important milestone of authentication. To do so as one of the first Canadian companies is a point of both personal and professional pride and characteristic of our leadership role in the Canadian search marketing space.

We're thrilled of course.

And under mea culpas and oversights, Helen of non-linear creations deftly pointed out that she had mentioned the story a while back, at (Apologies, I followed the Jensense link from Google.) In following the thread, there is another bloke, peer, associate who also deserves a shout out for pursuing the issue as well, none other than Andrew Goodman of, and the man who wrote the book on Google Adwords.

And, if anyone else has been oversighted, please advise as the statute of limitations on oversights regarding this matter is closing oh, around 5 this evening.

So, as they say at the Oscars.... and anyone else I may have forgotten.

It's a good day for the Canadian search space. A very good day indeed.

~ The (SEP) Guy