Last year we did a feature on celebrity look a-like's at SEP. We came across many twins in the SEP community, and shared a lot of laughs over it. Now that our team has grown again, we couldn't help but to do another post after coming across even more celebrity look a-like's! Say hello to the celebrities people of SEP who get confused with celebrities of SEP!

Ron and Cam of Modern Family

Ron and Cam

This is a favorite at SEP. The resemblance is simply uncanny. What's more interesting is that both Cam (pictured left) and Ron (SEP'er) not only have a physical resemblance, but they also have impeccable choice in fashion. Ron really appreciates Cam's choice in style, which is perhaps why he loves sporting similar outfits.


Tyler and Steve Zhan (Daddy Day Care)

Tyler Calder and Steven Zahn

Both share their love for dark-rimmed glasses, however, aside from that - they basically look like twins. I wouldn't even say brothers because they might indicate they are different ages. They completely look like twins. Looks like Tyler cropped his hair a bit to keep the paparazzi from snapping photos daily. But we can still see the resemblance.


Chris and Woody from Toy Story

Chris and Woody from Toy Story

I know what you're thinking - 'Are you really comparing an SEP'er to a Pixar character?" That's exactly what I'm doing! And you know what, Woody is a good looking character. It almost seems as though Woody's character was inspired by Chris' appearance which in reality makes Chris more than just a celebrity look a-like. He was the source behind billions of dollars in revenue for Disney. Without Woody...there would be no Toy Story. I might be getting ahead of myself here - but honestly, they look the same. Only in Pixar form.


Nick and Joseph Gordon Levitt

Nick and Joseph Gordon Levitt

Now that Joseph Gordon Levitt is becoming a bigger star, Nick is going to have to come up with some incognito strategies! The eyes, the hair (if Nick just styled it a tad different), the errr, smile, we're looking at some twinsies here! If Nick is looking to grab the attention of some ladies, all he needs to do is plan a quick trip to Hollywood, or wait for the Toronto Film Festival (a little closer to home...) and he will be set!


Brittney and Debra Messing:

Brittney and Debra Messing

Aside from the slight age gap (okay, large age gap) these two lovely ladies have a very strong resemblance. Gorgeous smile, pretty eyes, flowing locks...lucky gals! Although Debra may be a funny actress, Brittney is much funnier...and smarter! If you're walking through the office and you think you saw Debra Messing, you're probably wrong. It was more than likely Brittney.


Nicole and Renee Zellweger

Nicole and Renee Zellweger

Nicole of SEP and Renee look as though they could be sisters! Their smug smiles, and sparkling eyes are so a-like it's hard to tell them apart! The glamorous duo have such a resemblance - Nicole could be her double for her movies. (Which I doubt she would oblige to) Next time Renee is in town, we'll send Nicole out and see if she pops up in the magazines...


Ryan and John Legend:

Ryan and John Legend

Are we sure this isn't the same person? Honestly Ryan, how many times has someone confused you with John Legend? If I were Ryan, I would start using this look a-like situation to my advantage. Coach to first class upgrades, dinner reservations, seats at sports games. Life is good when you look exactly like a celebrity. Let me know how it works out!

Richard and Gary VS Curb Your Enthusiasm

Richard and Gary vs Curb your Enthusiasm

Acting out a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Richard and Gary look a lot more convincing than J.B. Smooth and Larry David. Now if only we could come up with a killer name for Richard to really make things interesting. Otherwise, I feel like we could probably watch a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm from the comfort of cubicles here at SEP. Not only do they look a-like, they also look like they do a really good job acting like them too! Popcorn is on me!

Who do you think owned up to the celebrity status the most from this year's pickings? Let us know!