Looking back on 2006, I can see that I've had some successes and some failures in my SEO strategies. Most of the failures centered around lack of interest and/or time, while some involved technical "oopsies" on my part. Most of the successes had much to do with concentration and investment of time to a project.

Now, it's time for me to begin planning for 2007. There are some things I'd like to change. There are some sites that I intend to give more attention to. There are ideas floating in my head that I want to bring to fruition. There are some projects that I'm going to let go of. However, I don't think I'm going to change any actual optimization tactics, unless of course major changes get thrown at us. Instead, I'm going to focus on changing perspectives and priorities. My gut is speaking to me about priorities, so I think I'll listen.

What about you? Without sharing your deepest secrets, what are your SEO strategies for 2007?