We're all in for a treat with this session! Mike O'Sullivan and Chau Le of Microsoft Canada discuss how you can drive customers through the purchase funnel.... with a little help from our friend, Display.

So, why Search and Display Together?

  • Bring new prospective customers into the Purchase Funnel
  • Target customers at key touch points in the funnel
  • Create a pull and push mechanism that overcomes disruption caused by media fragmentation

Some Research Stats from Chau Le:

  • 31% of Internet Users who respond to Online Advertising Clicked on the Ad Itself; Another 27% used a Search Engine
  • When the latency element is factored in, the number of Internet users who perform a search for the company, product or service, that was the focus of the online display ad... nearly doubles from 27% to 49%
  • When Search is Paired with Display, click volume increased by 27% and conversions by 41%
  • Users exposed to both search and display converted at a much higher rate... 22% better than search alone!
  • When the messaging in your Search and Display campaigns are consistent with each other, Paid Search clicks increase by 65% and CTRs by 58%

So, what are the key takeaways here?

  • Adopt a holistic approack towards your campaigns by using both display and search to influence the consumer in their journey from awareness to purchase
  • Bring new prospective customers into the funnel by running display campaigns.