SES Toronto 2010: Facebook Feeding Frenzy

Facebook is Hot. Twitter is Hot. Linkedin is Hot.

With great power comes great responsibility.... and what's more powerful than extreme hotness? Nothing. If you're hot, you're powerful and if you're powerful, you have great responsibility. See where I'm trying to go with this?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have all become an integral part of a marketer's online strategy, but do they have a responsibility when it comes to their user's privacy? As marketers, do we face any privacy dilemmas, or are we all opportunistic sharks?

This panel will explore both the paranoid and the opportunistic perspectives on social media marketing.... first up, we have:

Dennis Yu, CEO of Blitz Local:

  • Looking at Facebook ads, one of the coolest things you can do is drive people to 'Like' your brand. Within Facebook, this is your call to action. You don't need to ask people to 'Download a Free Whitepaper', but rather, you ask them to 'Like' your content
  • Yes, this is CPC, but you only pay for the first click from a user. All other engagement with that user is FREE... draw people in with an ad and keep them engaged!
  • Facebook DOES have a quality score... which means just like AdWords, you can start to work your costs down
  • DO NOT send people to the Wall.... send them to a custom tab. Give them great content and have them 'Like' you!
  • Facebook Ads BURN OUT! You need to watch you ads, you need to multiply them.
  • Watch Your Facebook Wall for Negative Comments and RESPOND! If you don't, its like not answering the phone, only everyone can see that you aren't answering the phone.

Next up, we have Helen Overland of Search Engine People:

  • What is Facebook Connect? The ability to log into other sites using your Facebook credentials, this was launched in 2008
  • Launched in April of 2010, we get Facebook's Open Graph
  • What Can Open Graph Do For Your Visitors? It personalizes some content on your website without the visitor having to sign in
  • What happens when you 'Like' your content? They automatically become your Fan in Facebook, and you can add content to their News feed.
  • So What? Well, how about the fact that you now have the ability to message people who visit your website and Like your content. You have increased visibility in Fscebook and you get data on your audience.
  • What's the downside to all this? Well, you might be giving Facebook access to all your data

Welcome Duane Brown to the stage:

  • How should you apprach Facebook? The first thing is to figure out your business objectives. Why do you want to be on Facebook? Once you figure this out, you need to evaluate. This may mean using a 'listening' platform, like Radian6.
  • Big prediction here... Facebook may not be around for too long! What happens to your website, which utilized Facebook Connect, when there is a mass exodus from Facebook? Did you just lose 100,000 subscribers? How will that look to your board?
  • Well Duane, I do apologize, but you spoke a little too quickly for my chubby fingers to keep up with!

Mark J Rosenberg, Of Counsel, Sills Cummis & Gross P.C.:

  • Quite frankly, Facebook's privacy settings are CONFUSING!
  • By default, all settings are set to the most public options
  • You need to protect yourself, become familiar with the settings.

How Do You Protect Yourself as a Marketer?

  • Provide information - tell the user how you collected their information, tell them it was from them clicking on the 'Like' button
  • Allow Opt-Out
  • Post your privacy policy
  • Secure the users personal information (a security breach would be bad!)

Advertising on Facebook - Legal Issues?

  • Trademark Issues - cannot cause confusion with another's trademark
  • Copyright Issues - applies content, images, videos and music. This may apply to user posted content as well.
  • Defamantion Issues - You, as the owner of a Facebook page, may be responsible for user posted content to your page. No set laws in Canada, but its on the table.

Talk about an interesting sessions! What a great way to end another fantastic SES. Thanks to Andrew Goodman for moderating and thank you to our speakers for some fantastic insights.

Have a good weekend!

About the Author: Tyler Calder

Tyler is VP of Client Strategy at Search Engine People Inc., one of Canada's largest and most trusted internet marketing companies. He also teaches a 12 week Search Engine Marketing course at the University of Toronto and the intensive 1-Day SEO and PPC courses for the IAB.


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