What’s Your Social Media Saturation?

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Social Media Chaos

The services included in the screenshot above constitute some of the A-list social media services we use today. Keeping up with so many different iterations of what is essentially the same concept of viral and user generated media is not only difficult, but nearly impossible while juggling the many hats of an internet marketer.

While submitting your stellar and 'social media worthy' content has become increasingly easier using multi-submission tools such as SocialMarker and OnlyWire, it is significantly difficult to track the results of a social media marketing campaign. Hats off to uber social media plugins such as Social Media for Firefox for summing up the popularity/results of individual articles or posts, but what if you wanted to know your social media saturation in its entireity?

Enter Google Site: Command

In an increasingly connected social web, its important to know that Google is not only indexing pages on your own domain, but every mention of your domain or brand on social media websites. With the Google Site: command its easy to see how many times you've been mentioned on a certain domain, which also provides a valuable indication of how popular your content really is on any given site. Here's how this would be used

site:socialmediasite.com yourdomain.com

For example, a search for Search Engine People's popularity on Sphinn generates 73 results from which one can determine the site's overall popularity, specific subtopics in which articles are doing well, and even user comments.

How is this Relevant to You?

As a social media marketer, blogger, and possible business owner your time is limited and perhaps of greater value than anything else. By gaining insight into the types of social media that work for you the best, you can further focus on your strengths and adjust time spent on those sites that don't generate enough traffic for you.

So the question stands : What's Your Social Media Saturation?

Attribution: Patrick Altoft of Blog Storm for the first mention of the Google Site command

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