6 Ways to Help Non-SEOs Spot Link Opportunities

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How are you, the inhouse link builder, supposed to take advantage of the MASSIVE (and sprawling) opportunity that is your organization's existing workforce?

SEO-ignorance, an already-heavy workload and undefined link acquisition processes also contribute to making link opportunity spotting a difficult skill to teach. Further complicating the matter, link opportunities are defined by the linkable assets and resources your organization has available... This ultimately makes link opportunities a moving target that vary from vertical to vertical and, within your organization, from department to department.

We recently interviewed 7 inhouse link builders on everything from most important link building tasks to inhouse link building advantages. Here's their take on training non-seos to start seeing link building opportunities everywhere, just like you do 😉

1) Create Simple, Accesible "Wins"

Ross Hudgens: "During SEO meetings I’ve stressed and educated people on the team that every link can help."

Sometimes it actually helps to lower the bar a bit on quality (and quantity for that matter)... Make link building accessible for people and easy to understand in their terms.

If they go about their daily tasks with Ross' mantra in their heads: "every link can help," you're likely to earn some HUGE wins from time to time as your organization grows its link opportunity awareness.

2) Praise Every Link

Aaron Bradley: "Pointing out and praising earned links - even if unsolicited - can aid in encouraging colleagues to replicate the behaviour that resulted in the acquisition of any given link."

Ross Hudgens: "I am very cognizant of recognizing and applauding people who get us links internally so they feel inclined to repeat the action."

Positive and public reinforcement of your organizations' link wins not only keeps the individual thinking about links - it gets others to think about links as well.

Celebrate every link earned in some public way and you'll see more and more potential link opportunities come knocking.

3) Ask for THEIR Advice on Where to Find Links

Phil Buckley: "A constant update of where we are, what phrases we need to work on, and asking their advice about where else we can look. I learned long ago that asking someone for help really works."

This brilliant bit of advice pushes the thinking cap onto the non-seo's head. Not only will it shake loose new prospects, but it will show YOU where their gaps are in understanding link building and SEO.

4) Start With the Web-Savvy

Don Rhodes: "I realize that you can’t beat some people over the head with a link building brick because they’ll not learn by any means until the pop culture demands it of them. I start with the online community: the fantasy sports player, the casual blogger, the type that can grasp galactic concepts such as “get the webmaster of your church to point a link from the church’s website to your business profile on our website.” I then seek out members of the marketing department in other channels – because if I win, they win."

The people who are already familiar with the web and use it in their day to day non-work routines are better potential link builders for you.

5) Educate

Aaron Bradley: "Direct education is an important vehicle here, especially when providing training to different marketing units."

Al Scilitani: "Understanding SEO and link building is the key. If they understand, they will come to you with opportunities you may have never thought of."

Nadeem Anjum: "Once the basics are understood it’s another creative mind to add to the mix. Their individual success grows their confidence."

Education on the importance of links as well as some of the basic technicalities of link building can go a long, long way.

6) Review All New Web Projects

Aaron Bradley: "On a case-by-case basis you can also help put links on a colleague's radar by ensuring you provide an analysis of linking opportunities as part of your SEO review of new campaigns or projects."

This brilliant bit of advice can result in your biggest possible wins - sometimes there are very, very simple changes to projects that can help new initiatives attract more links.

Special Thanks to Our Inhouse Link Building Contributors

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