If you have a squeeze page then you know that as you increase your conversion rate percentage, you increase your number of subscribers " while at the same time you decrease your average cost per new subscriber acquisition.

Id like to share a few things that you can test on your squeeze page to try to increase your conversion rates...

1) Pre-heading

A lot of people dont use a pre-heading on their squeeze pages; however they can have a significant impact. A good pre-headline should make the reader realise that they have a problem that you have the ability to solve.

2) Heading

The headline should be the first things that jump out from you at the page " it should explain what the offer is and what the benefit is that you are offering.

3) Product Image

A professionally designed product image is very important. It lets your readers know that youre a serious player and likely to offer knowledgeable, authoritative material. Dont skip corners and be tempted to design your own product image " itll give the wrong impression.

4) Subscriber Data

Should you ask for a name and an email address or just an email? Perhaps your business needs a name. If not, test just requiring an email address to opt-in. This will probably increase your conversion rates.

5) Button Text

Did you know that what you say on your opt-in button can significantly impact the number of people who subscribe? Common words are Go or Subscribe but Ive found that Get Instant Access converts the best. It could be different for your audience. Make sure you test this.

6) Button Style

As well as button size, button style can make a significant difference. Size, colour an design can all make a significant different when it comes to the number of people who choose to subscribe.

7) Social Proof

Last but not least is social proof " are you also including things like testimonials on your opt-in pages? Often quotes from industry experts saying that you can be trusted will make a big difference to the number of people who choose to opt-in.