Steve Jobs Timeless Recipe For Niche Blogging Success…

The artist gives you what you didnt know you needed

This statement beautifully sums up how Steve Jobs revolutionized Apple and justifies why he was so adamant about tossing away market research!

In fact, he made this point crystal clear in an Interview with Business Week in 1998:

A lot of times, people dont know what they want until you show it to them.

A Word Of Caution: Do NOT Try This At Home!

Did Steve Jobs create a need for Apple's products or did he feed an existing hunger?

Probably both! The bottom line is that Jobs' "Hello intuition, goodbye market research!" tactic  worked for him - the same way ignoring the Twitter bird is working like charm for Seth Godin!

Could these outrageous deviations from the "norm" work for you and me? Nah! Let's get real but

The good news is that Jobs' rich history is loaded with precious lessons in product creation that you can incorporate into niche blogging. The key is to think of your blog as a product in order to follow Job's recipe for massive success.

But before getting to that, here is a great Infographic that encapsulates the life of Apple's legend " click for large version:


Steve Job's Timeless Recipe For Niche Blogging Success

1. Strive For Impeccable Design

Look at any Apple product: it exemplifies the epic of design beauty and has such an irresistibly hypnotizing effect that "haunts" you until you fall prey and buy the product.

Suddenly, IPhones became indispensible and one can't help but wonder: How did our grandparents survive without them?!

Does your blog has the same "You Gotta Like me Coz I'm Hot!" appeal?

Key takeaway for niche blogging success:

Strive for an impeccable blog design that will "waaw" your visitors!

2. Create Exceptional User Experience

Think of your blog as a virtual Apple tile in a retail store. If you take a close look at their tiles, you will notice that they are spacious enough to allow as many shoppers to try out their products.

In fact, they handpick their tiles and intentionally hide cash registers, wires and other distractions to enable their happy visitors to focus on what matters most " the products.

Key takeaway for niche blogging success:

Clean up your blog from unnecessary clutter and focus on turning it into an engaging and "Edutaining" social hub that entices your target audience to keep coming back for more.

3. Consistently Deliver Outstanding Content

If you aspire to create the kind of blog content that will turn blog visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers, go ahead and Subscribe to Apple's sales letter. You will be glad you did!

"Brief and to the point" is their mantra. Apple's sales letters are visually compelling and decorated with pictures. In addition, their 3-to-4 sentences sales copy is beautifully flavored with a humorous touch!

Take my word for it: if you get in the habit of reading Apple's sales letters, your blogging style will improve in no time.

Key takeaway for niche blogging success:

Revamp your blog by removing mediocre content and commit to consistently delivering the best of the best to serve your hungry audience, even if it meant doubling the time you spend blogging.

A Final Whisper From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a huge advocate for simplifying Apple's brand message. Think about it: Simplicity attracts and complexity confuses and distracts. Keep your brand message simple. Even better, craft a genuine brand story.

Enough said! Let Steve Jobs do the talk

Well said, Steve. You are a legend and inspiration for many generations to come. Thank you for being you and thank you for illuminating our lives.

Feel free to share your tributes for Steve Jobs in the comments below as well as your thoughts about the article. Your valuable contribution is much appreciated.

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