Targeting Placements ‘Above the Fold’ on Google’s Content Network

Google made a fairly big announcement on their AdWords blog today concerning the Content Network:

You can now target your ads to only those placements which will appear above the fold! You have to admit, this is a pretty cool addition to your already robust PPC Tool Belt.

Now, just to clarify, you aren't exactly targeting placements that are above the fold, but rather, you're excluding placements that are below the fold.

Why would you want to do this? Well, there are typically two objectives to a Content campaign: Driving traffic or increasing Brand Awareness (or a combination of both).

For you brand advertisers out there, this is HUGE news. You can now make sure that your display ads get prime placement, smack dab in a users more hoping that they scroll down!

How do you do this?

Within the AdWords interface, go to your Networks Tab, expand the Exclusions section and then at Campaign Level, click Add Exclusions and then Exclude Category:

From here, you just need to check off Below the Fold and you're all set:

So there you have it - Google's latest addition to AdWords - Enjoy, and don't forget to test, test and test some more!

-Tyler Calder

About the Author: Tyler Calder

Tyler is VP of Client Strategy at Search Engine People Inc., one of Canada's largest and most trusted internet marketing companies. He also teaches a 12 week Search Engine Marketing course at the University of Toronto and the intensive 1-Day SEO and PPC courses for the IAB.

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