MAPLE LEAFS, Toronto " Sadly, on Monday, April 4th, surrounded by many friends and family, Toronto passed on. After a lengthy battle with Playoffs Disease it was time for Toronto to be with its maker in Golfland. Predeceased by its one true love Montreal Canadiens. Habs, you will soon be re-united with your love very soon as experts suspect.

Toronto started life as many would love " vibrant, youthful, winning. Some said Toronto had all of the tools necessary to be great one day, to be a major success in the sporting industry. At 4 (and 0), Toronto was happily moving through the season with poise and experience. Sadly things would not remain as is and Toronto fell into what some would call a deep depression, maybe a winter depression, which lasted until the end of 2010. It was hard to keep track of Toronto during this time. One could never know who would show up on a nightly basis. Things seemed at their worst.

However, in early 2011 there was a bright spot in the life of Toronto. Toronto met a youngster named James who instilled a new belief and rejuvenation in the old man. Toronto became much better and it was seen amongst friends and family. Toronto was bright again. And with that came a new appreciation for life and a better understanding of the afterlife. New goals were set in Toronto. Toronto was now back on track and ready to succeed.

Unfortunately, on a warm spring night at 9:11pm, Toronto succumbed to its earlier problems and laid to rest. It was just not Torontos time. Some say that Toronto would be more successful at another time. Maybe Toronto just wasnt meant to be this early in life.

Family and friends will greatly miss Toronto. But the one thing to remember, the thing that has made so many proud of Toronto is that Toronto will always remain in our blood.

Arrangements have been made at the local golf course. Viewings start at 7am, 7:04am, 7:10am and 8:13am. Donations can be made in lieu of flowers in the Pro Shop. For directions please visit TorontoMapleLeafs.com and click on schedule.