Twitter updated their page on Aug. 13th with 2 new features.

Update #1

Now when you are logged in and visit your neighbors page you can see which of your connections follow them, "Also followed by". Useful in understanding who knows who in your own little twitter world. Making talking with your other connections with (or about) your neighbor much easier.

Update #2

You Both Follow... SEO Guys, SEM Peeps, etc..

You can also now compare notes on who "you both follow". Hey look there's Arnie from Vertical Measures, and Matt_Siltala ..We are all here together on twitter... Yeah!!!

You can then click on "view all" to open another page that shows:

You and jquipp both follow:....

....(and the list goes on)... (and on)...

Minor change? Yes. But I am a bug guy and in my world it is the little things that make all the difference.

I see the updates as highly useful tools. Users can now see breadcrumbs of "who knows who" and you don't have to play the game of "do you follow _____?" or "do you know ______?" To further understand twitter you must understand making connections and getting to know others.

Being social is getting to know others, sharing, communicating, understanding, and networking. Of course, everyone uses twitter differently. Some hate to hear #Whats4Dinner... But in order to understand social media you must understand relationships. Eating food is a social event. A wedding dinner, a feast, a party, all cater to food, friends, and good times. Of course, not everyone uses twitter to be social, even if it is a social media. Some can use it for just the media side. You can get great news from twitter. Pretty much every major event is now breaking on twitter. If you don't get twitter then don't worry about it. Don't try to be something you are not. Twitter isn't a must. Twitter isn't for everybody and every business. If you want to get it, then use it. Use it how you most feel comfortable. There aren't too many wrong ways to use it.

As always, I am just a pest control guy. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

"Make it a Great Day."