You know your industry and space better than anyone. You know who your communities big-wigs and influencers are but you're struggling to build relationships with them. Here are three tactics that can work incredibly well when done right. You might already be doing these with other people. Turn them on your targeted influencers - in a genuine way - and watch the relationships flourish.

1) Early Adoption: People who are truly influential on social channels often have a lot of noise on their accounts. They probably have a lot of people struggling to get their attention and many mentions and messages. They're also quite likely early adopters. Set up alerts for beta invites to social apps and networks and jump on them early. The ones that are relevant anyway. Get in there as fast as you can when the noise is at a minimum. This is your intimate moment at the bar after a conference. This is your West Wing walking the hallway scene. You have a greater share of their attention in these beta environments before the floodgates have opened. Use the opportunity wisely.

2) Remember the little things: In social media people tend to share a lot of information about themselves. Not all at once of course but in tiny bite size pieces over time. Take note of particular mentions such as...their anniversary, or birthday. Even if it's not immediate remember these and send a note, gift or tweet on the date to congratulate them. If you're doing this concurrently with the rest of your relationship building it won't seem creepy. Remembering things such as their pets name or where they grew up can also help you establish common ground and make them feel special and memorable. People like that.

3) Engage in emotional moments: Social media is one of the first places many of us turn to in order to communicate frustration, anger, sadness and happiness. While its important to engage with your influencers around relevant and thought provoking content -- there's nothing to say you cant jump in during these moments of heightened emotion. Be genuine though. Add supportive comments, {HUGS} or CONGRATULATIONS!! when appropriate. You're bonding here. Look at that!

Above all else be genuine. Don't be creepy. And keep it real. Nobody, influencer or not, likes to be schmoozed. It doesn't feel good and it actually makes people like you less. Use these tactics in moderation and with righteous interest in these people and you will be a-okay!!

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