A couple of months ago, I posted a discussion over on Sphinn, in which I revealed that I was hoping to let many of you guest blog here on SEO Scoop. What I said there:

I'm hoping to open SEO Scoop up to many guest bloggers, especially those of you who may be just getting started. If you want your name to become a little more well known, guest blogging is one way of achieving that. I'm not saying that guest blogging on SEO Scoop is going to rocket you to fame and fortune, but it's a place to start. And I'd love it if SEO Scoop became known as a good place for up-and-comers to start their rise up the ladder.

If you don't have a blog or site of your own, no problem. This may be a way to get your feet wet while you consider doing that.

If you already have a blog, you will of course be able to promote it in your author bio on your guest post.

So what do you think? Want to get your feet wet and get a little exposure on your rise to fame? Feel free to use my blog as one of the rungs of your ladder.

Of course, I'll have to approve all guest posts, since I won't be allowing Buy Viagra posts or anything of that sort, but if you think you'd like to submit one or more search-related posts, I'll be giving a fair amount of latitude in what gets approved.

Feel free to email me at dazzlindonna@gmail.com to discuss further or to submit a potential post.

Sorry, but I can't offer any monetary payment for this, but hopefully you'll get some reward out of it in lieu of that.

Thanks for reading. Hoping to see hundreds of up-and-comers knocking down my door. 🙂

We've already had some excellent guest blogging since then, and I wanted to remind everyone about this.

Some general guidelines:

Not sure what topic to write about? As long as it's search-related, write whatever you feel most familiar with, or whatever you think will help your reputation more. This doesn't have to be a one-shot deal. I'm open to having you guest post on a regular basis. Do what works best for you, as that's the ultimate end goal here.

I'll only marginally edit posts (for spelling, etc). I won't be doing massive editing, so double-check everything first before sending the post on to me. If it's too badly written, I'll have to reject it, but I don't envision that happening very often.

Please send either in straight .txt format, or in html format. Please don't send me a Word .doc, because that usually means lots of formatting woes for me.

I'm more than happy to include graphics in posts, so feel free to use them. Just keep them to 480 pixels wide, or less, so they fit.

Use of links within the post is fine, as long as it's relevant to the post. Obviously, this is NOT your chance to go crazy with link spam. 😉

The goal is to promote you, so please include an author bio at the end. This should contain your name, URL, and a short blurb (no more than 3 sentences or so) that gives everyone a quick pitch about you and your site.

That's about it. You and I can discuss any questions you have via email. Blog on! 🙂