Watch your site visitors every movement

How cool would it be to be able to watch your visitors move their mouse, click on links, and scroll down your pages? Would that tell you anything about your site? What if you could watch and record your users' actions for free? Would that make you clap your hands, spin around, and do a happy dance? Would I love to watch and record THAT? LOL. Ok, you can watch and record your users' actions for free (but you can't see them clap their hands, spin around and do a happy dance).

Just sign up at RobotReplay, put a teeny-tiny line of script on any pages you want to record, and you're all set. The FAQs give the lowdown, such as the fact that it won't slow your site down at all. I'm watching my users (on one of my sites) right now. I'll keep the script up for a short while and then take it down once I feel like I have enough info to make some decisions. Exciting stuff!

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